Wheatley Hits the Visit Trail (Part 2)

In part two of a two-part interview with Buffalo (N.Y.) Canisius TE/DE Tyrone Wheatley Jr. he lays out his upcoming visit plans, his decision timetable, factors in that decision, and more.

For those that missed part one of this feature, click here.

With his West Coast unofficial visits now out of the way Tyrone Wheatley Jr. has turned his attention to venturing down south. He plans to squeeze in just a few more trips before trimming his list to a group of finalists.

“As of right now, the next two visits on my list are the University of Florida and the University of Miami sometime at the beginning of the summer,” Wheatley Jr. reported.  “I want to get down there.  Those may be my last two unofficial visits, but if not, the next couple on my list… I want to go down to Louisville and Auburn if I can.  Also, I want to get out to Wisconsin.  I don’t know if I’m going to be able to take all those unofficials.  I’ve been blessed so far to go see a lot of these schools because I know a lot of kids are not as lucky as me.  I have parents that take me all over the country.  We flew all the way out to California so I could go see some schools.  We got to go to Disneyland and everything.  It was nice.  I’m truly blessed.”

“My goal is to get down to seven schools by sometime in June, maybe mid-June.  That is where I want to be by summertime.  After I finish up the unofficials I want to focus on those schools throughout the summer and see where it goes from there.  I’m definitely going to take all five of my official visits.”

After so many previous positive visit experiences Wheatley expects to be impressed on all of his upcoming trips. He can’t yet put his finger on the trait or traits that will distinguish one school from all the rest, he’ll know it when he sees it.

“It’s college so they’re (all) going to have education, facilities and all that stuff,” he said.  “When I go places I’m looking for something different sometimes.”

“It is nice when I go somewhere and something catches my eye.  Maybe it is a coach, it may be a dean or administrator at the school of business or something… maybe even campus.  I take notice of stuff like that.  Even the little details… how people talk, how the players interact… I look at all that kind of stuff.”

Once the program that best meets all of Wheatley’s criteria has been identified, he plans to announce his decision in a manner in line with his personality. In other words don’t expect him to do the hat trick.

“I’m not doing any of that craziness,” he said laughingly.  “Some kids like it, press conferences and all that.  That’s not me.  I don’t need all that.  I might just call the coach and let him know.  I don’t even know what I’m going to do.  Nothing too fresh, though.  None of that.”

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