New Offers Make Allen Reevaluate

Michigan is among the latest to offer Reisterstown (Md.) Franklin OT Patrick Allen a scholarship. Though he's admittedly had a definite favorite for some time, his new recruiting developments have caused him to look harder at all of his options.

Sam Webb:  Word on the street is that Michigan dropped by your school today and laid an offer on you.  I just wanted to call and get the word on everything that went down.

Patrick Allen:  “As far as everything, he called my coach and we were talking to them. It was pretty cool.  I got to talk to Coach Funk, the O-line coach.  He’s real cool.  .”

Sam Webb:  Did you see it coming?

Patrick Allen:  “It caught me.  It was really out of the blue.  I have family in Michigan.  I like Michigan a lot.  I’ve talked to Coach Mallory but I didn’t know if they were going to offer me as far as recruitment.  I talked to Coach Mallory a lot and it was really cool talking to him because we talk every other week and stuff like that.”

Sam Webb:  What’s the vibe like with the Michigan coaches so far?

Patrick Allen: “As far as knowing Coach Funk and Coach Mallory, both of them are really good dudes.  From what I can tell and for what I know, Coach Mallory is really cool.  He sends me fun facts about offensive lineman all day.  He is real cool.  Coach Funk, I just talked him today (for the first time).  He seems pretty cool.  I just got to get to know him a little bit more than I know.  I don’t know that much about Coach Funk, but I’m going to learn as much as I can to get to know them.”

Sam Webb:  You said you have family up in Michigan.  Where exactly?

Patrick Allen:  “I really don’t know.  My mother told me we did and I was like ‘Oh wow’.  When she told me that I could stay with my cousin, I was like okay.”

Sam Webb:  The word on you is Ohio State on the top for you right now.  Is that the case?

Patrick Allen:  “Somewhat.  I got to visit Ohio State and it was comfortable.  Most think I’m going to Ohio State, but I give every school a chance.  I keep my eyes open at all times so that could change.  Ohio State is a school that I felt real comfortable at.  It was really cool being there.”

Sam Webb:  You really really like Ohio State a lot and then their archrival Michigan comes in and offers you. Can you like both at the same time?

Patrick Allen:  “(Laughter) I guess.  I know I’m going to hear something from Coach Warriner and Coach Johnson about it.  I do like most schools.  They are really good.  The rivalry between the two is even more makes it a little funny.  It is like ironic.  I don’t know what to tell the (Ohio State) coaches when they call me and ask me what I think about (the Michigan offer).  I don’t know what to say.  It was really cool to get an offer from Michigan.  I know that is a really good program.”

Sam Webb:  You said that you’ve liked them for a while.  Why?

Patrick Allen:  “Their colors.  Their program and the way they play.  It is just something about them.  I would watch college football even before I started playing football and I never really thought to be serious about football at Michigan until I moved to Maryland.  When I got here and saw what it was like and it was really cool.  So as far as having offers and stuff like that, having the actual opportunity to be able to choose a team to play for this team, this school, it is just really big for me.”

Sam Webb:  You’ve visited Ohio State.  What other schools have you visited so far?

Patrick Allen:  “West Virginia, Virginia Tech, Maryland.  That’s it so far.”

Sam Webb:  You said earlier that the Buckeyes are on top. Up to this point what schools have been right there nipping on their heels?

Patrick Allen:  “Florida State, LSU, Tennessee, West Virginia, Wisconsin so far.  There are a few more.”

Sam Webb:  Michigan is just now getting in on your offer list.  Is that going to be a big obstacle?

Patrick Allen:  “I’m not sure because my list chances constantly.  What I mean is that it can change because not only did I get an offer from Michigan but Georgia too.  I have to reevaluate what I’m looking at (in terms) of schools that I have major interest in.”

Sam Webb:  Did you talk to Coach Mallory or Coach Funk about a visit up to Michigan?

Patrick Allen:  “I talked to Coach Funk about it, the possibility of this summer. I want to find out what they are like on their own turf as far as at that school.  What are they like with their own guys? That’s what I want to see.  ”

Sam Webb:  Pretend you are at the point that you are ready to make a decision, what are going to be the biggest factors when you make your decision?

Patrick Allen:  “Relationship that I have with the coaching staff and people there, the environment and as far as everything, the people I trust as far as at school.  It is about the relationships that you build and about the team.  I focus on the program, academics and everything, but the relationship that I have with the team, the coaching staff and as far as anything else, just the area in general.  I want to feel comfortable when I’m there.”

Sam Webb:  What about timeline, are you going to wait until signing day to make a decision?

Patrick Allen:  “I want to make it if I go to an all star game, I want to make my decision by then.”

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