Dawkins Closing in on Decision

2014 New Hampton (N.H.) wing Aubrey Dawkins has official visits to Michigan and Dayton now under his belt. Choosing between them will come down to one primary factor.

On the heels of an extremely strong visit to Michigan last weekend the Dayton basketball program faced a stiff challenge when it came to impressing New Hampton (N.H.) standout Aubrey Dawkins.  But just as it did during its run to the Elite Eight, the underdog Flyers rose to the occasion.

“It was a good visit,” said Dawkins.  “I got there Tuesday night and left Friday morning.  I had a really good time. I really liked it."

Those remarks aren’t all that different from those he uttered after his trip to Ann Arbor, and the similarities didn’t stop there.

“I liked them both,” Dawkins said regarding his official visits.  “They were both really nice campuses and I really enjoyed the people and the coaching staffs. I liked them both.  (At Dayton) the people were really nice, they have a great fan-base, and just like Michigan I really enjoyed the coaching staff.  They really all got along well and it as a family oriented group of people.”

With such glowing impressions of both programs the question becomes what will be the factors that separates one school from the other.  Dawkins believes he has that part figured out.

“I’d say probably the academic piece and the alumni base,” he stated.  “All that kind of stuff. It’ll really be academics… which is better from that standpoint?  Which degree carries more weight?”

There is no specific date by which Dawkins plans to have the answer to those questions.  All he knows for sure at the moment is he won’t be taking anymore visits and he’ll have a decision within the week.

”I’m just going to play by ear,” said Dawkins. It (come down to) how I feel.”

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