McQuaid's Interest in U-M on the Rise

2015 Duncanville (Tex.) wing Matt McQuaid is among the prospects moving up Michigan's recruiting board, and the interest is definitely mutual.

Sam Webb:  How did things go for you on the basketball floor last year? 

Matt McQuaid:  “They went good.  I got a lot better off the dribble and putting the ball on the floor, just like one or two dribbles into my shot, wasn’t just catch and shoot.  I made a lot more things happen off the dribble, like passes and just a lot of stuff like that.” 

Sam Webb:  For people who haven’t seen you play kind of break down your game and give me a scouting report. 

Matt McQuaid:  “A good shooter that can play defense and has sneaky athletic ability and just can make plays happen.” 

Sam Webb:  Is there a player that maybe you try to model your game after or emulate? 

Matt McQuaid:  “Maybe like a Luke Hancock or J.J. Redick.” 

Sam Webb:  I hear your dad is originally from up around this way?  Do you guys make it back up to Michigan very often? 

Matt McQuaid:  “He is from Midland. Yeah, we come every summer in August.” 

Sam Webb:  He was quite a football player, was he not? 

Matt McQuaid:  “Yeah, he could have gone to Michigan, Michigan State, Clemson, he was a good running back.” 

Sam Webb:  So, the athleticism runs in the family.  Did you watch any of the schools up in Michigan or have you pretty much been a Texas guy your whole life? 

Matt McQuaid:  “I’ve been a Texas guy. (Laughter)/” 

Sam Webb:  Let’s talk about recruiting.  How many offers do you have on the table so far? 

Matt McQuaid:  “Probably around 15.” 

Sam Webb:  Of those 15, have any schools started to stand out on your list yet? 

Matt McQuaid:  “Right now everything is pretty much even.  I’m still open to anybody.” 

Sam Webb:  What schools are recruiting you the hardest right now? 

Matt McQuaid:  “Probably Creighton, Texas, and Stanford, probably those three.” 

Sam Webb:  All three of those schools have offered you? 

Matt McQuaid:  “Yes sir.” 

Sam Webb:  What about Michigan?  What are they saying to you? 

Matt McQuaid:  “Bacari Alexander came and watched me practice awhile ago during the season and then Coach Beilein came to a game and Coach Beilein is going to come and watch a work out some time this week and they are going to watch me in Sacramento. (edt note: this interview was done prior to Beilein observing the workout last week).

Sam Webb:  Have they talked about you coming to visit them at all? 

Matt McQuaid:  “No not yet.” 

Sam Webb:  When you get ready to pick a school, what are going to be the biggest factors in your choice? 

Matt McQuaid:  “Just where I fit in best and which culture fits me.” 

Sam Webb:  What about distance from home, you said you are a Texas guy, do you prefer to play your college basketball a little closer to home? 

Matt McQuaid:  “It doesn’t matter.” 

Sam Webb:  What about timeline? Have you and your family kind of talked about when you would like to get your recruitment all out of the way? 

Matt McQuaid:  “No, we’re just kind of like going with the flow and just looking at everything right now.” 

Sam Webb:  Give me your thoughts on Michigan. Have you watched them much?  What are your thoughts on the coaches and maybe the style of play that they have up here? 

Matt McQuaid:  “They all play really good together and they set a lot of picks and rolls and they have a lot of shooters.  They just utilize each player on the court really good.” 

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