Pylon 7v7 YSU: Jonathan Sutherland

2017 athlete Jonathan Sutherland talks upcoming visits, his interest in Michigan, what he's looking for on his visits and more.

Canadian freshman athlete Jonathan Sutherland came onto the recruiting scene earlier this year with a strong performance at the Best of the Midwest Combine in Indianapolis.

On Saturday, Sutherland showed that his combine performance was no fluke, as he dazzled with multiple touchdowns and pass deflections in the Pylon 7v7 tournament at Youngstown State.

"I am one of the seniors on the team, so that's just me play that much harder," Sutherland said. "I have to be a great leader towards (my teammates). I have played patient and it's been good so far."

At 6-foot-1, 190-pounds, Sutherland stars at both running back and defensive back for his Gridiron Canada 7v7 team.

"I have been focusing on defensive back a lot," Sutherland said. "Running back and defensive back are totally different positions. At DB you have be nice and relaxed. I have just been working on being patient a bit more, and breaking out of my cuts and everything."

The 2017 prospect has already been to Syracuse for a visit, and says he has more visits set up for this summer.

"The other day we just visited Syracuse," Sutherland said. "We are supposed to go down to Michigan State, Michigan, Rutgers and Syracuse this summer."

And when Sutherland camps at Michigan this June, he says he intends to "ball out."

"I want to prove to Michigan that just because I am a freshman, doesn't mean that I can't go down to their camp and compete with their seniors there," Sutherland said. "So I am just going to go there and ball out and show them what I am made of."

Sutherland continued: "As far as academics, they produce ballers. They produce a lot of athletes that go to the NFL. They got a good coaching staff. They got nice recruits coming in there. That seems like a good place to be."

What exactly is Sutherland looking for in a program?

"When I go down there I am looking for a family atmosphere," Sutherland said. "A team and coaching staff that can bond together. That can work together. That is efficient and no arguing all the time. And they get things done."

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