Lukusa: Michigan Visit was 'Pretty Sweet'

Traverse City (Mich.) West 2016 OG Thiyo Lukusa reflects on his Michigan visit, give his thoughts ont he Wolverines, his upcoming visits and more.

Traverse City (Mich.) West sophomore offensive guard Thiyo Lukusa made his way to Michigan last week for a quick visit before participating in local football camp. A visit he says, was "pretty sweet."

"My visit was a short, quick and sweet," he said. "I just went and checked out the new addition on Schembechler Hall. It was their new interactive thing. It was just me and coach (Dan) Ferrigno. It was pretty sweet. I really liked it and it was cool."

Lukusa, who almost committed to the Wolverines in February, says he has slowed down his recruitment in order to find the best fit for his future in football. Although, he admits the Wolverines are still one of the front runners for his services.

"Michigan is still up there on my list," he said. "But I'm just giving everyone a fair chance. I just want to give myself a fair chance as well, because it would be unfair to all the colleges and myself to say, ‘you know what? I'm a sophomore, I have seen it all. I don't need to see anymore.' The process can become really annoying. But it's still worth it to know where you're going the next four to six years after high school."

Due to 13 snow days this winter, Lukusa says his school year has been extended to make up for lost school time..Which mean his school schedule goes right into Michigan's football camp season. So as of right now, he says his possible camp visit is pending.

"If I can make it down there one of these days and chill, maybe I can throw the cleats on and the helmet on and work," he said. "I'll have the helmet and cleats in the back of my car at all times this summer."

Currently, Lukusa holds offers from Michigan, Michigan State, Wisconsin and Akron. He has been on campus visits to U-M, MSU and Notre Dame, and says he plans on visiting the Irish again this summer, along with Auburn and the rest of the SEC.

"I just look for a legitimacy in the school," he said. "if they are going to keep it real with me and they're not going to beat around the bush – that's a big thing. I got to like the coach. I got to like all the coaches really, and the strength coach, because that's who I am going to spend a lot of time with.

In the meantime, Lukusa says he is prepared to have a big junior season.

"My mindset is I got potential," he said. "Potential means you haven't done anything yet. Once it gets to high school (football), I want to focus on that. I just want to focus on making my team be as good as we can be."

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