Conversations to Heat Up Soon For Coleman

2015 La Porte (Ind.) La Lumiere four-star shooting guard Jalen Coleman isn't entirely focused on the recruiting process at this point. In less than a month, that could change, find out why and what it could mean for Michigan.

FORT WAYNE, Ind. -- The last time I was in attendance to watch 2015 four-star shooting guard Jalen Coleman was at La Porte (Ind.) La Lumiere School when the 6-foot-4, 185-pound guard turned out one of the more impressive shooting performances ordinarily seen on the high school level.

Coleman knocked down eight three-pointers on his way to a 24-point first half in a blowout win over Ontario Athlete Institute.

Over the weekend at Spiece Run-n-Slam, Coleman picked right up where he left off in his first game Friday night, knocking down his first attempt from deep followed by several more throughout the three day event.

“That’s what it’s all about,” Coleman said. “Still maintaining what you’re good at and working on what you’re not good at.”

Coleman’s shooting tough has gone to a new level of efficiency spending extra time in the laboratory over the last calendar year since transferring to the very small, very private, and very uneventful school that is La Lumiere, forging the perfect place for Coleman to grow on and off the floor.

“Definitely the environment, I mean the school I go to is secluded and in the middle of nowhere so that also helps,” Coleman said. “Just knowing your environment and coaching staff.

“I’m looking for the same thing in a school, not necessarily secluded or in the woods like that but just a coaching staff and somewhere I can focus and get things done.”

Adjusting well to life with his new AAU team All-Ohio Red, Coleman is bringing a new level of intensity on the defensive end as well, something emphasized greatly at his high school.

“Not only does it help me but it helps my teammates,” Coleman said. “I feel like if one person’s mindset is to play defense and if it’s the coaches mindsets to play defense, defense wins games.

“Once we all have that mindset we win games so it’s not rocket science, it’s just a lot you got to put into it.”

College coaches are putting in extra effort in Coleman’s recruitment, recently receiving new interest and offers from the likes of Georgia Tech and UNLV.

While several other schools were out to watch Coleman play as well, the four-star combo guard barely notices.

“There was a lot in Sacramento,” Coleman said. “I can’t really tell though cause I was just focused on winning games.”

As new schools continue to inquire about Coleman, looking to immerse themselves in the middle of a busy recruitment, the Indiana native says he’s open but added schools with built in relationships have a step ahead.

“I’m interested but like I said I definitely take into consideration the schools that offered me first,” Coleman said. “Not only the ones that are offering me now just cause I’m in their environment or easily accessible at a tournament or things like that but, I don’t really care. I look at all aspects.”

Away from home at La Lumiere, Coleman and his family haven’t spent much time discussing the recruiting process and upcoming college decision.

As summer vacation quickly approaches, Coleman says that’ll change over the next month.

“I got to talk about the recruitment with my family,” Coleman said. “I haven’t really been home cause of school. Once the school year ends which will be in two or three weeks, we’ll discuss it then.”

Asked if a decision could possible come this summer based on those discussions, Coleman left open the possibility.

“Maybe,” Coleman said. “Really, it depends on what me and my family discuss.”

Pressed further about whether or not he feels in his own mind he knows what school he’ll be leaning toward, Coleman played it close to the vest.

“I’ve definitely been looking into a lot of schools so I know what they have to offer,” Coleman said. “So, that helps with the decision making (process).”

More trips could be scheduled for Coleman this summer though, noting it’s been quite a while since he’s visited some campuses.

“I really haven’t visited too many schools besides last year so I’m definitely going to try to look at some schools on weeks we’re not playing,” Coleman said.

Holding an offer from John Beilein and Michigan for nearly a year now, the Wolverines are in the process of exploring other options at the same position in the 2015 class, potentially leading to the extension of scholarships in the near future.

Should Michigan offer another prospect at Coleman’s position, could that alter the timeline of his recruitment?

“That’s business,” Coleman said. “I understand that. The fact that other schools are recruiting me, it’s all a process of elimination.

“If they can’t get me they’ll have another kid or if I don’t commit there there’s a backup so I understand that. That’s college basketball.”

Asked if the situation arose where it was a first come, first serve situation, not just specific to Michigan, Coleman said he’d at least have to discuss his options to see what’s best.

“I feel like if it’s forced upon me maybe they don’t want me as much,” he said. “There’s different ways to look at it.

“I’ve got a good family so if that was the case my family would talk to me and give different perceptions really.”

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