Throckmorton ‘Honored' By Michigan Offer

2015 Bellevue (Wash.) Newport Senior high school three-star offensive tackle Calvin Throckmorton picked up some new offers including one from Michigan. Throckmorton discusses the Wolverines, his plan for visits, factors, and more.

Last week was a busy and exciting one for 2015 Bellevue (Wash.) Newport Senior high school three-star offensive tackle Calvin Throckmorton.

Throckmorton’s week began with an offer from Miami (Fla.) Monday and ended with offers from Utah and Michigan on Friday.

Of the Wolverines, Throckmorton says that courtship began earlier this spring, quickly leading to a scholarship.

“Coach Funk just basically followed me on twitter and there was a period of about two weeks where there wasn’t much communication and then it picked up,” Throckmorton said. “He started telling me they were interested and very high on me.

“Then on Friday, it was Coach Ferrigno who came to the school and said they wanted to see me and let me know I have a full scholarship to Michigan.”

Michigan joins the likes of Arizona State, Arkansas, Boise State, California, Oregon, Washington, and Washington State, leaving Throckmorton more than appreciative.

“I mean, basically the same as (receiving an offer) from any other school but just very honored and humbled,” Throckmorton said. “Just happy to know that all this hard work that has been putting in is paying off.”

All the way out on the west coast, Throckmorton admitted he didn’t know too much about the Wolverines and their program, eager to continue hearing more.

“At this point really I just know that it’s a great combination of academics and athletics and there’s such a long, amazing history, and great culture there,” he said. “It’s just something that really interests me and I want to keep learning more about it.”

Standing 6-foot-6, 265-pounds, Throckmorton is solely being recruited as an offensive tackle despite playing on the defensive line for his high school team.

With Michigan eager to fill a spot with an offensive tackle in the 2015 class, the Wolverines believe Throckmorton offers a good blend of versatility at the position.

“They just really like how I play the game, they like how I move, how physical I play,” Throckmorton said. “And just how I have great potential and that they could do a lot with me and help me improve as a player.”

Boasting a frame fully capable of adding good weight at the next level, Throckmorton is confident in his ability, specifically in his movement off the line.

“I think I move very well in space and I’m very smooth in space and can get out to those smaller corners or linebackers and get to those secondary guys,” Throckmorton said. “I feel like I’m very explosive out of my first step and getting my hands on guys and getting first contact really.

“I think I can continue to get quicker and more agile, improve as an athlete and I’ll be that much better.”

Mostly being recruited by schools in the heart of Pac-12 country, Throckmorton is fielding interest from other schools out east outside of the just the Wolverines.

Would the three-star talent like to remain on the west coast to play college ball?

“Distance to me really isn’t a factor,” Throckmorton said. “The big thing to me is I just really want to be at a place that I feel comfortable and that really I’m just going to be the best student I can really be.”

Just six weeks away from summer vacation, Throckmorton says he plans to utilize his down time to take visits, with a trip to Ann Arbor to see Michigan on his mind as well.

“I don’t think I could really do those really until probably July or sometime then,” Throckmorton said. “But I definitely want to try to get out there to those schools.”

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