Swanigan Focused on Game, Talking to Michigan

2016 five-star Fort Wayne (Ind.) Homestead center Caleb Swanigan is focused entirely on basketball after flirting with a future in football. Swanigan discusses his development, schools coming through with interest, what he knows about Michigan, and more.

FORT WAYNE, Ind. -- When most look at 2016 Fort Wayne (Ind.) Homestead five-star center Caleb Swanigan on the basketball floor, a first impression is formed with relative ease.

Standing 6-foot-8, 265-pounds, Swanigan passes the look test as a big, bruising post player that spends nearly all of his time on the floor inside the paint, abusing opponents on both ends of the floor.

In reality, Swanigan is so much more.

Always the beneficiary of terrific feet and agility for such a big young man, Swanigan can handle the basketball in the open floor, shows good vision passing the ball, and can now step out to the perimeter with a developing jump shot.

“I’m just in the lab constantly,” Swanigan said. “Just all day, everyday, developing my shot cause I’ve always had good feet and been pretty skilled growing up.

“I just naturally had that but you still got to develop things. You only have so much talent and then you’ve got to work on it.”

So far this spring on the AAU circuit, Swanigan is putting in work. Leading his team to a 4-0 mark a few weeks ago in California, Swanigan helped Spiece Indy Heat play into Sunday afternoon at this past weekend’s Spiece Run-n-Slam as well.

“I think I’m doing well,” Swanigan said. “There’s great competition and guys are trying to get over on us.

“We haven’t been playing as good as we can but we get the win and the next game is business, looking for another.”

Playing alongside 2015 Michigan State power forward commitment Deyonta Davis, it might appear as though there’s some clutter inside for Spiece. According to Swanigan, the two talents have a good rapport and understanding of how to play alongside one another.

“It hasn’t been an adjustment,” Swanigan said. “We know how to play off each other, if I see him there I’m not going to go in his way, if he sees me somewhere same thing.

“We don’t worry about who gets the most touches and we both just want to win the basketball game.”

Several college coaches have been out to evaluate Swanigan so far this spring, including one over all the others.

“A lot of schools but the coach I think has been out the most to the most games I would have to say is Tom Izzo,” Swanigan said. “He’s been to the most of my games but everyone is starting to come after me hard because some people just saw me for the first time this past live period.

“Who knows what’ll transpire in July, we’ll see.”

Another school keeping a close eye on Swanigan is John Beilein and the Michigan Wolverines.

“I talk to Michigan a good amount,” Swanigan said. “I think my father talked to Michigan a few days ago.

“They said they’re very interested and they want me there but they can’t offer yet because of their policy.”

Will Swanigan visit Ann Arbor in the near future?

“I might be able to get up there for a game,” Swanigan said. “I don’t think it’ll be during the summer but if it’s in the fall when they’re playing or if it’s a football game. But I have no other plans for visits right now anywhere.”

Still formulating an opinion as offers and interest rolls in from all around the country, Swanigan wants to take several visits in the fall, the destinations yet to be determined though.

“Not sure yet,” Swanigan said. “I’m still developing the schools that are interested in me so I don’t know who’ll be on the list by the end of the summer.”

When the time comes for Swanigan to make it out to campuses the five-star already has an idea of what he’s looking for.

“Comfort and security in the coaching staff,” Swanigan said. “You don’t want to be there when the coach leaves and a new coach comes in.

“You want to make sure the coach is going to be there while you’re there.”

Asked what he’s hoping to accomplish during this AAU season, Swanigan has ambitious goals collectively and individually.

“Win a few championships and be the best player in the country,” Swanigan said. “There’s no other goal.

"Main thing, I want to win is Peach Jam and show what I can do and the rest will take care of itself.”

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