Is Michigan Offer on Horizon for Towns?

2016 Columbus (Ohio) Northland SF/PF Seth Towns was one of the more impressive Michigan targets in action at the Spiece Run N' Slam All Star Classic last weekend. GoBlueWolverine caught up with the talented youngster to discuss his game, his interest in the Maize & Blue, his connection with Trey Burke, and more.

Sam Webb:  How did your last season go for you?

Seth Towns:  “Honestly that went pretty average, not what I expected.  I wanted to do a lot more.  We were a senior based team, a really good team.  We just all played good together.  Ended up short.  Now that is in the past.  I’m just moving forward trying to get better, stronger all that kind of stuff.”

Sam Webb:  How did your game progress from the freshman to your sophomore year?

Seth Towns:  “First, I just got stronger and then I just got more court sense.  That’s something you develop as you move, especially in high school.  Going from middle school ball to high school ball, that was a big change for me.  After that year under my belt, I really started getting more experience and all that kind of stuff.”

Sam Webb:  Pretend you are telling someone about your game, break that down.

Seth Towns:  “Honestly what I’m trying to do right now is just develop an all around game, do everything – post up.  That’s why I’m trying to get stronger, just put people in the rim.  Post up, take people out, do whatever my defense guy has a weakness.  I’m trying to exploit their weaknesses.  If it is a big man take him out, if he is a smaller dude put him in the post.  Hit the jumper, all that kind of stuff.”

Sam Webb:  I know you can do multiple things on the floor. I’ve heard that Michigan is one of the schools to really take note of that.  Is it accurate to say that they are recruiting you pretty hard at this point?

Seth Towns:  “Yeah that is really accurate.  They are talking about offering me when the time comes.  They don’t offer until June 15th, after the sophomore year.  I’ll be looking for an offer from them pretty soon.”

Sam Webb:  What schools have already offered you?

Seth Towns:  “I’ve got offers from Dayton, Xavier and Virginia Tech.”

Sam Webb:  What have they said to you about how you might fit in up there if you were to pick them as the school?

Seth Towns:  “They’re talking about right off the bat me coming in and being a leader.  They’re looking for leadership qualities now and I just got to show them that I can be a leader and that’s basically what I’ve been doing.”

Sam Webb:  Bacari Alexander, what is the vibe like with him?

Seth Towns:  “It is like I could come to him and talk whenever about anything.  That’s just a cool dude, knows a lot about basketball.  He is just really insightful.  He is funny… just a great personality.”

Sam Webb:  You’re right there in the shadow of Ohio State.  What is O-State saying to you?

Seth Towns:  “They’ve been saying a little bit, not too much.  They just came to my game the last tournament that shows me they still interested.  When they come to my games I used to get nervous because that was always the school I wanted to go to.  That was my dream school for I don’t know how long.  As more colleges come to watch me play, I’ve been just playing and not as nervous.”

Sam Webb:  Your story sounds a lot like Trey Burke’s.  He grew up a big Ohio State fan.  Is it weird for you to be looking at Michigan growing up a Buckeye fan?

Seth Towns:  “Yeah it’s pretty weird.  My mom is an OSU graduate.  It is pretty weird hating Michigan all this time, but now…especially when Trey went there, I was watching Michigan every other day because me and him…I just love watching Trey, from Northland and all that.  It’s still weird, don’t get me wrong because it’s Michigan, ‘The Team Up North’, but at the same time it is a really good school.”

Sam Webb:  Have you talked to Trey at all about the process?

Seth Towns:  “Yeah.  Actually, he just came to Columbus three days ago and I just had a conservation with him.  He was just talking about how much of a difference it is from high school to college and from college to the NBA.  How the speed changes and how much stronger everybody is.  Mainly just telling me to get in the weight room basically.”

Sam Webb:  Michigan has their elite camp coming up, are you going to that?

Seth Towns:  “I should be and actually this coming Friday I’m coming for an unofficial visit.”

Sam Webb:  I know that won’t be your first time up there…

Seth Towns:  “No!  That will be about my fifth or sixth time up there.  I’ve been going up there a while.”

Sam Webb:  Was it football games or basketball games or both?

Seth Towns:  “Both.”

Stay tuned to GoBlueWolverine for more from Town’s in the aftermath of today’s visit.

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