Latest U-M Visit Towns' Best Yet

Ann Arbor is feeling more and more like home to 2016 Columbus (Mich.) Northland SF Seth Towns. In the aftermath of his latest visit to the Great Lake State his reverence for the Maize & Blue is at an all time high.

Seth Towns had already grown extremely comfortable with Michigan thanks to the five trips he took to Ann Arbor prior to the one he took last Friday, but his latest visit took that comfort to an even higher level.  The Buckeye State star got a more in-depth look at the program on the court and off, and came away extremely impressed.

“It went really good,” Towns reported.  “We went to three different buildings; the business school, the law school, and engineering.  So I got a look at anything that I possibly want to do.  We pretty much went all around the campus.  I got to see the school.  While we were touring we were on a golf cart and (Bacari Alexander) was in the backseat and we were all talking to each other.  Coach Beilein was driving, so it was really fun. ”

“Later we went into this conference room… and this was after all the academic stuff.  (Coach Beilein) went over what he sees me doing when I get there.  The team uses a lot of spacing on the floor.  Basically what he told me was that they recruit players, not specific positions.  Maybe (they recruit) a point guard and a center, but not like a strict three or four.  He just sees me as a good player and he likes me out on the wing or coming off ball screens, maybe setting them and popping… that kind of thing.”

All told it was an experience that registered as “hands down the best visit I've been on thus far.”  Looking back on it all it was hard for him to pick out one thing that stood the most.

“I don’t know… I just like the feel of it,” said Towns.  “The feel of being down there and getting all the love that I was getting.  They have a program for freshmen.  If I get an opportunity to use it, I’m probably going to use it well after I’m a freshman… just as much as I can.  It is a little thing for basketball players that teaches them networking and how to use resources and use what they have being a Michigan basketball player to their advantage.  Say you meet somebody at a basketball game and they are doing as a profession what you might be majoring.   You might want to get their card or something and get to know the person.  That might make their whole day… they’ll never forget that moment and it’ll help you also.  Just little things like that.”

Even mom, an Ohio State fan and alum, was impressed.

“She just wants the best for me as a student and a player.  It is somewhat weird for her, but she just wants me to be happy.”

A development that would surely make Towns happy is Michigan scholarship offer on June 15th.  The Buckeye State star believes he’ll have reason to smile when that date finally rolls around.

“Coach (Alexander)… I guess he asked Coach Beilein about (an offer),” said Towns.  Hopefully that’ll be coming.”

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