Pritzl Impressed with Michigan

Michigan recently stepped up its interest in 2015 De Pere (Wis.) SG Brevin Pritzl after he delivered a few explosive performances on the AAU circuit recently. The Wolverines hosted the sharpshooting youngster on an unofficial visit Sunday and made an extremely positive first impression.

Sam Webb:  You just took in your first Michigan visit. What were your initial impressions? How did it go?

Brevin Pritzl:  “It went good.  I got a tour of the campus.  I think the campus is really kind of a cool thing.  How it is all kind of old buildings with newer insides.  We toured the facilities, which I think are unbelievable with there gym and workout equipment and weight room and stuff like that, I thought was real cool.”

Sam Webb:  How quickly did that all come together?  Did they get with you after the Spiece tournament in Ft. Wayne or had they been talking to you about taking a visit before you performed so well in Ft. Wayne?

Brevin Pritzl:  “Definitely after Ft. Wayne.  I made that first game where I had the 37 and then the one that I had 41.  The next thing I know, I look on Twitter and the next couple of days all of a sudden I’m set for a visit at Michigan.  I was like, ‘what?’  Turns out my dad was already on the phone with Beilein before I even got on the phone.  I’m like my dad knew before I knew.”

Sam Webb:  Does your interest in Michigan now stem from the sudden rise in attention from them, or were you kind of interested in them even before they started saying, ‘hey, come on a visit?”

Brevin Pritzl:  “I’ve liked Michigan because I like the way that they play.  They kind of just go and run a little bit here and there, but they also run very good offense with each other.  I’ve been a fan of Nik Stauskas.  I really like the way he plays.”

Sam Webb:  It is pretty clear that your game is fairly similar. Is that the role they said that they envision for you if you wound up at Michigan?

Brevin Pritzl:  “They kind of told me that it would be on the perimeter one, the three perimeter spots that they have that are shooters really.  That’s kind of where I would fit in.  I guess you would call it kind of what Stauskas did.”

Sam Webb:  What if anything while you were at Michigan stood out the most?

Brevin Pritzl:  “What stood out the most was probably the weight room and some of the stuff that they do in there.  They have a picture of before and after of the seasons that they’ve been there.  Just to see the development in each player’s body and strength is unbelievable and then they have a board with some of the combine testing and how much they improve.  I think that blew me away to see how much improvement that they made.”

Sam Webb:  What were your impressions of the coaches as guys? What kind of rapport or vibe did you establish with them?

Brevin Pritzl:  “They definitely impressed me.  Coach Meyer has been around for a long time and he has had a good track record, which impresses me.  Then Coach Jordan played in college and then played two years after, which is something that’s kind of beneficial because you can see how he can help you get to that point.”

Sam Webb:  Did they talk about where they are as far as an offer? Does it require further evaluation, what did they say about that?

Brevin Pritzl:  “Definitely further evaluation because they have two offers out to kids who play the same spot that I do in Jalen Brunson and Jalen Coleman.  If that doesn’t pan out that is why they are going to keep evaluating me and maybe it would happen or something like that.”

Sam Webb:  What new offers have you picked up in the last week to week and a half?

Brevin Pritzl:  “I picked up Davidson on a Saturday and then I picked up Creighton and Xavier the following Monday and Tuesday.  Since then that has been it.”

Sam Webb:  Do you get a feeling that any other schools are on the verge of making an offer?

Brevin Pritzl:  “Possibly Marquette but other than that I’m not really sure.”

Sam Webb:  Has Wisconsin talked to you about their interest in a scholarship and that kind of thing?

Brevin Pritzl:  “A little bit.  I’m going on a visit there (Tuesday) so that’s when I’ll really find out.”

Sam Webb:  Of all the schools you’re considering, are any sticking out for you at this moment?

Brevin Pritzl:  “Not directly at this moment, no.  I would like to play through the July live period and see where that takes me and then I’ll narrow it down and then decide whatever decision to make.”

Sam Webb:  Do you anticipate once you narrow it down making a decision before your season starts, or are you going to wait until the November deadline and make your decision around then?

Brevin Pritzl:  “I’ll make my decision around September and I’ll probably decide in November.”

Sam Webb:  When you sit down and you’re making your decision, what are going to be the most significant factors in that choice?

Brevin Pritzl:  “Probably the academic standards that the school has and where a degree in that school would set you off for the future.  That’s probably going to play the biggest role as well as a great opportunity to develop my game and continue to play.”

Sam Webb:  Do you know what you want to major in?

Brevin Pritzl:  “Not yet, but probably something in business, but that could change knowing the way college goes.  I don’t really know.”

Sam Webb:  You said you visit Wisconsin (Tuesday).  Do you have any other visits that are firmly set or that you tentatively know that you are taking?

Brevin Pritzl:  “I’m taking a visit to Marquette on Thursday and that’s the last one that I really know.”

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