Eron Harris Has Top 3, To Visit Michigan Soon

West Virginia shooting guard transfer Eron Harris is hearing from several schools but now says he has a top three in mind, updates his visit schedule, and potential timeline for a decision, full details inside.

Eron Harris is getting closer to a decision.

Not long since officially receiving a release from the West Virginia basketball program, Harris and his father are already zeroing in on a few schools that could be good fits for the final two years of his college eligibility.

“Me and my dad are on the same page as far as Michigan, Michigan State and Purdue are my top three right now,” Harris said Tuesday. “I’m not going to say any are ahead of the other, they’re all on the same plane and I haven’t officially visited any of the schools yet.”

Harris did unofficially visit Purdue Monday, now eyeing trips to both Michigan and Michigan State in the near future.

Of the Wolverines, Harris says the visit is a formality as soon as both he and Michigan have a free day.

“It won’t be this week or next week probably because I think next week is a dead week,” Harris said. “We won’t be able to do anything then but after this week and next week that’s when I’m going to try to get up there unless they can try to get us up there sooner but both of our schedules are kind of packed.”

Michigan was the first school to officially contact Harris following his release from Bob Huggins’ program, fresh off a sophomore season in which the 6-foot-3 scoring guard averaged 17.2 points and 3.5 rebounds per game, shooting 42-percent from the field.

Harris is eager to hear more about what John Beilein and the Wolverines have to offer.

“I don’t know much about Michigan, that’s why I want to go visit,” Harris said. “They tell me they want me, they tell me they want me to be a big part of their success in years coming, they tell me that I’m really high on their priority list so, that appeals to me.

“It’s in the Midwest, it’s close to home, it’s a big program, they have a good history so; I’m interested in going to see it.”

Looking at Michigan’s recent success with player development, sending numerous players to the NBA as first round draft picks, as well as Michigan State, who looks to have a lottery pick in Gary Harris this June, Harris says the opportunity to do the same is important in his decision.

“That’s a big part,” Harris said. “I mean; that’s obvious. You look at that part and that is appealing to you. But like I keep saying, at the end of the day, it comes down to me and at the end of the day the players in combination with the coach make that program.”

Harris adding, “I’m just looking to go play somewhere where I can play to my best abilities and be comfortable where I’m at in my environment. It’s more simple than it’s being made.

“I just want to go somewhere, make it to the (NCAA) tournament, get on the stage, perform and go to the next level. And in that process I want to be able to help the school so, it’s a mutual thing. I want to be able to be somewhere where I’m mentally where I need to be.”

Not looking to drag out his second go round with the recruiting process, Harris says he could have a decision made, “Hopefully in the next like three weeks; two to three weeks.”

Facing the task of sitting out a year due to NCAA transfer rules, Harris is choosing to look at his time away from game competition in a positive light.

“You can look at it that way or you can look at it as a blessing because you get an opportunity that other people don’t get,” he said. “You get to sit out a year and really work on your game and come back how you want to be.

“And then I don’t lose a year of eligibility so it’s nothing but beneficial to me if I handle it the right way because a year is nothing compared to how long you’re going to live your life.”

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