Onwenu's Stock on the Rise

Things have been quiet on the scholarship front for 2015 Detroit (Mich.) Cass Tech DT Mike Onwenu, but with growing attention from BCS programs it appears that that is about to change.

Sam Webb:  How did last season go for you on the football field?

Mike Onwenu:  “Last season was good.  I played mostly offense, but next year I’m playing mostly defense, at the tackle and the nose.  I’m just working to get better on defense.”

Sam Webb:  What is your height and weight right now?

Mike Onwenu:  “My height is 6’2” and my weight is 355.”

Sam Webb:  You said that you thought you did well last season, but you’re going to do better this season, tell me where you’ve improved?

Mike Onwenu:  “I’ve improved with my running because I admit that I was kind of slow.  I didn’t have much agility, but I’m strong with my strength.  I just need to get my running up and my speed faster.”

Sam Webb:  On the defensive side of the ball, we haven’t had an opportunity to see what you can do, tell people what they can expect when they see you on the defensive side of the ball this year?

Mike Onwenu:  “What they can expect…all they can do is look at my King game and just expect that for the rest of my high school years and college years and hopefully my NFL years.”

Sam Webb:  How did you do in the King game?

Mike Onwenu:  “The King game, I did well.  I had to make a stop, stop them up the middle and plugging it up.”

Sam Webb:  As far as college recruiters are concerned, do they talk to you mostly about offense or more about defense?

Mike Onwenu:  “Defense.  I’m going to college for defense.”

Sam Webb:  What has Michigan been saying to you?

Mike Onwenu:  “Michigan been saying good things.  They told me work hard and they talk with all my coaches every day.  They’re just working with me to get better, so for the future I’ll be there.”

Sam Webb:  What has Michigan State been saying to you?

Mike Onwenu:  “I’m not going to say the same thing, but they saying as long as you keep working you’ll get here, you’ll get anywhere you want.”

Sam Webb:  You’ve got Cass Tech guys at Michigan for years and now you’ve got a few Cass guys at Michigan State.  Are those guys recruiting you or are they letting you do your own thing?

Mike Onwenu:  “My big brother David Dawson is at Michigan and he has been recruiting me ever since I’ve been in eighth grade.”

Sam Webb:  When you decide to make your decision what are going to be the big factors in that choice?

Mike Onwenu:  “The big factor is going to be my education and where I fit best at.  I’m not going to say feel at home but where I feel I would play the best, where I’d be the best.”

Sam Webb:  Timeline, do you want to wait until after your senior season to make a decision, when do you want to get this out of the way?

Mike Onwenu:  “I want to wait until my senior season, but you know I’m just looking all around now.  I’m undecided.”

Sam Webb:  Do you have any scholarship offers right now?

Mike Onwenu:  “Naw, no scholarship offers.”

Sam Webb:  Who is recruiting you the hardest right now would you say?

Mike Onwenu:  “The hardest I’d say is Tennessee.”

Sam Webb:  After that give me a list of schools that you’re hearing from consistently.

Mike Onwenu:  “Tennessee, Michigan, Michigan State, Ohio, Notre Dame, Wayne State.”

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