Nash Has Family Ties to U-M

After a memorable camp experience in Ann Arbor last summer, 2016 Chicago (Ill.) Whitney Young SG Skyler Nash can't wait to participate again next month.

Sam Webb:  Do you remember what your stats were for the season? 

Skyler Nash:  “I think I learned a lot playing with guys who are going to be impact players over the next level.  For me, I kind of struggled playing consistently.  I had an injury, so it kept me out for a good period of time in the winter so I was kind of playing catch up the whole year but overall I think it was a great year.” 

Sam Webb:  Do you remember what your stats were for the season? 

Skyler Nash:  “Not at all.  They weren’t very large, I’ll tell you that.” 

Sam Webb:  So talk to me about you.  I know you were sidelined.  How did your game progress over the course of that? 

Skyler Nash:  “I think I just became a more rounded player.  I attacked the basket a lot more, kind of learned how to use my body, not just settling for jump shots, just learning how to use my ability on offense end to kind of open up for my teammates and make the right pass.  I think I became a lot better defensive rebounder.  I think that is the one thing I really improved on is defensive rebounding.” 

Sam Webb:  As you get into AAU, other than to win, what are your goals individually? 

Skyler Nash:  “I just want to come out and prove that I am one of the top players in my class, not just in the state but nationally.  I think that I could compete with anybody on the course.  I just want to come out and make a name for myself and prove that.” 

Sam Webb:  You camped at Michigan last summer.  What was that experience like? 

Skyler Nash:  “It was great, to meet a lot of the Michigan coaches, get on campus and kind of start to develop that relationship.  It was a lot of fun, just go down there with some of my teammates and meet other players and compete with them.  It was a good experience.” 

Sam Webb:  Talk to me about recruiting.  What schools are you really hearing from? 

Skyler Nash:  “Michigan, Creighton, Indiana, Ohio State, Illinois, Kansas, DePaul, Xavier, Dayton, and St. Louis.” 

Sam Webb:  What schools have offered you so far? 

Skyler Nash:  “None that I know of, I’m pretty sure.” 

Sam Webb:  From Michigan, what coaches have you talked to? 

Skyler Nash:  “Coach Jordan, the assistant coach over there.  On the visits I got to kind of talk to Coach Beilein a little bit but I am really talking to Coach Jordan a lot.  That is the main guy.” 

Sam Webb:  So you made it up there on visits other than the camp? 

Skyler Nash:  “Barret (Benson) and I took a visit for their home opener for their football season.” 

Sam Webb:  Did you watch them much at all on the basketball court? 

Skyler Nash:  “Yeah, I got to watch them.  I was kind of disappointed that they lost that game there in the tournament but I got a chance to keep up with them a little bit.” 

Sam Webb:  So you told me who was looking at you.  Who are you kind of looking at? 

Skyler Nash:  “I think Michigan is a great school.  Both of my grandparents went there for graduate school so there is kind of a family history there.  But then, of course Illinois in state, I think that is an amazing school, DePaul.  Purdue, which is one that I forgot to mention, they have been talking to me.  I am looking at them.  I’m keeping my options open at this point.” 

Sam Webb:  Camp plans, are you going to get out.  I know Michigan’s is on the 7th, different schools have different camps.  Are you going to do that again this year? 

Skyler Nash:  “Yeah, I’m definitely going to go back to Michigan’s camp.  I think I am going to go down to St. Louis for their camp.  From there, I will just see some of the exposure camps and just kind of figure that out.” 

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