Michigan's Style of Play Appealing to Benson

Darien (Ill.) Hinsdale South center Barret Benson is one of the top big men on Michigan's 2016 radar.

Sam Webb:  Take me back to your high school season.  How did things go for you?

Barret Benson:  “It went really well this year.  As a team, we started out really strong, kind of faded toward the end of the season but we did a lot better overall than we did last year.  I thought it was a good individual season, made progress.  It was successful.” 

Sam Webb:  Do you remember what your individual stats were? 

Barret Benson:  “I averaged 13.5 points and I want to say 10 rebounds or 9.5 rebounds, something like that.”

Sam Webb:  Pretend you’re a coach or a scout and you’re watching yourself.  How did your game progress over the year? 

Barret Benson:  “I would say developed my body a lot more, developed my jump shot and be more comfortable attacking the lane instead of just being more back to the basket player.” 

Sam Webb:  I recall, and I saw you first at the Michigan camp last summer.  How was that experience for you? 

Barret Benson:  “It was a great experience playing against high-level competition.  It is always good to go against good guys like that.” 

Sam Webb:  What do you think of lavall jordan?  What is your connection like with him? 

Barret Benson:  “He is a real nice guy.  It is good talking with him.  I expect to have a real good relationship with him throughout this process.” 

Sam Webb:  Is Michigan recruiting you pretty hard?  It seems like they were paying a lot of attention to you.

Barret Benson:  “They have been recruiting me pretty hard.  I haven’t talked to them in a little bit but I am expecting a few calls from them come June 15th.” 

Sam Webb:  What schools have you received offers from so far? 

Barret Benson:  “DePaul, Loyola, Penn State, Oregon State, and Indiana. (edt note: since this interview was conducted Purdue also extended a scholarship offer.)” 

Sam Webb: Have you visited all of those schools? 

Barret Benson:  “I have visited Indiana, DePaul, Loyola, but not Penn State or Oregon State.” 

Sam Webb:  I know it’s very early for you but are you starting to favor any of those schools yet? 

Barret Benson:  “No, not really, we’ve got a lot of time.” 

Sam Webb:  I spoke to Skylar Nash and he said you guys went up to Michigan for the home football opener.  What was that experience like? 

Barret Benson:  “It was exciting there.  The fans, you know they love football in Michigan, they love football.  It was a great experience, all those people, they packed the place.  It was crazy.” 

Sam Webb:  Did you get a chance to watch them much during the basketball season? 

Barret Benson:  “Yeah, I watched a lot of the games on TV and during the tournament as well.” 

Sam Webb:  What do you think of their program, their style of play, that kind of thing? 

Barret Benson:  “I think it is a great style of play.  They are really successful at what they do and it is very interesting to watch them play.” 

Sam Webb:  I know you do this with every school that you’re looking at, but how do you think your game would translate to their offense.  Where do you think you would fit in? 

Barret Benson:  “I think I would help out getting boards, running, the floor, and just adding an offensive threat in the post for them as well.” 

Sam Webb:  Are you going to be camping attending Michigan’s elite camp again? 

Barret Benson:  “I haven’t decided yet.  I’m not sure what my summer plans are yet.” 

Sam Webb:  Last but not least, other than to win, what are your goals for this AAU season? 

Barret Benson:  “Just become a better overall player, keep developing my body and my game just the best I can be.” 

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