Busy Month Ahead For Kameron Chatman

The highest rated recruit in Michigan's incoming 2014 class, Portland (Ore.) five-star wing Kameron Chatman is nearing his move to Ann Arbor. Chatman's father discusses a busy spring, what June will entail, heading off to Ann Arbor, and more.

The final weeks of his high school career have been anything but a picnic for 2014 five-star Michigan basketball incoming freshman Kameron Chatman.

Maintaining a jam packed schedule full of workouts, all-star games, travel, and a little bit of fun, Chatman and his family are taking advantage of the time they all have left together before he heads off to Ann Arbor to join the Wolverines in June.

Recently selected to compete in the 2014 Jordan Brand Classic, the Chatman’s made the trip to Brooklyn a bit of a family affair.

“His mom and I were in attendance for that,” Chatman’s father said. “That was a process in itself just going from the selection piece and then when he finally did get selected because, we were pessimists all the way just coming from where we’re coming from you don’t really get those type of accolades coming from Portland, Oregon.

“We’ve had one Jordan Brand guy and I think that was Terrence Jones. We’ve had Kevin Love’s and all sorts of dudes before so we thought it was a long shot but when he made it we definitely thought it was cool and it was worth it. He put in work and it was a good opportunity.”

Chatman played 11 minutes in the showcase, scoring seven points alongside some of the nation’s other top talent.

“I know for him personally it was just a good opportunity to get on the same platform with all of his peers collectively, outside of a camp setting, cause he knew all these guys from the global challenge and the LeBron James Skills Academy and top 100’s and stuff,” Chatman’s father said.

“But in the team atmosphere it’s a little less competitive and letting them celebrate a little bit and get a chance to just kind of go through some things, be a kid, and enjoy New York City.”

Chatman’s next venture will be to Colorado Springs after being invited to tryout for the United States under 18 men’s basketball team.

“He leaves on the 10th of June, tryouts are the 10th through the 12th and if he makes it he stays, if not he’ll bring his butt right back home,” Chatman’s father said.

“That’s probably the biggest opportunity he’s been given just because that’s a global look and you’ve got NBA guys scratching and clawing to get into the midst of USA basketball so, it’s definitely a blessing and a privilege for him.”

Chatman adding, “They’ll make cuts or whatever and if you make it you’ll stay and it all goes on in Colorado Springs until the 25th of June so he would wind up being in Colorado Springs until the 25th. They’d have several more practices and scrimmages, some try outs and then they get to the preliminary’s, the semi’s, and the finals.”

Should Chatman make the U.S. team, a return trip home to Portland would be off the table, instead ready to head to Ann Arbor straight from Colorado Springs on June 26.

Never easy to let a child move on and away from home, the Chatman’s are hoping once their son gets to Ann Arbor he’ll flourish, spread his wings, and never need to move back in.

“That’s what we’re hoping for,” Chatman’s father said. “We did our job, hopefully for good! Outside of a Christmas break and a couple of weeks in the summer he should never come back. That’s what we’re hoping for. But no, we’re excited.

“Obviously, his mom is a little emotional and there’s a lot going on. His road isn’t a traditional road but I think it built him to be the person he is and that’s what’ll have him grow in Ann Arbor and be part of the Michigan family. But we’re excited. Graduation is coming, his 18th birthday is coming and he’s leaving for school so we’ve got a big barbecue in place for him.”

Stay tuned for part two with the father of Kameron Chatman in which he discusses incoming Michigan freshman D.J. Wilson, expectations for the fall, and more.

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