Kinnel is 100% Blue

Huber Heights (Ohio) Wayne DB Tyree Kinnel had a strong showing at the Columbus Nike Football Training Camp. Afterward his reiteration of his Michigan commitment was even stronger.

Sam Webb:  Tyree Kinnel, another year at the Nike camp.  How do you think you did this time? 

Tyree Kinnel:  “It felt good.  I think I improved from last year, which is really good.  I thought I had a good day.” 

Sam Webb:  You look a lot bigger than last year.  Where do you check in weight wise now? 

Tyree Kinnel:  “200.” 

Sam Webb:  You said you feel like you did better.  How has your game improved over the course of the last year? 

Tyree Kinnel:  “Quicker, faster, stronger.  Once you get those, you just get better, anytime you get stronger and faster.  Working on my game more individually, working on my back pedal and how to break down, the quickness of feet, and I fell really good.” 

Sam Webb:  One of the big differences (this year) is your commitment now.  Last year you were an uncommitted player.  Playing during the season, playing out here, do you feel like there is a mark on you… an X on you… people looking to get you? 

Tyree Kinnel:  “No, I don’t think so.  I’m sure there are people out there trying to get me but I’m just having fun, playing football.  I ain’t out here trying to prove nothing, I’m just out here playing, having fun.” 

Sam Webb:  It looked like a lot of guys, a lot of receivers are out there saying, I want to go against you and like they are trying to call you out a little bit. 

Tyree Kinnel:  “Yeah, I’m going to take any challenge so that’s good.” 

Sam Webb:  Obviously you have been committed for a long time.  Since that happened, there have been a lot more schools kind of coming your way.  Who are some of the other schools that are trying to get at you right now? 

Tyree Kinnel:  “Ohio State for a little while was trying to get me, and Michigan State offered me.  Purdue offered me and Alabama offered me too.  So, there have been quite a few schools, especially throughout the spring, there were a lot of schools that came through.  West Virginia actually offered me too.  There have been a lot of schools, since I have been committed, that have come at me. 

Sam Webb:  I was hearing a lot in particular about Ohio State and Michigan State.  Do you have any interest in either of those schools? 

Tyree Kinnel:  “No, I do not.  Definitely not Ohio State, not to bad talk them, but you can’t have no interest at all with that offer either.  Plus, being committed to Michigan, I just leave that alone.” 

Sam Webb:  Does that really stop them from coming…. when you tell Ohio State or Michigan State, hey I’m committed, does that slow them down or do they keep coming? 

Tyree Kinnel:  “That doesn’t slow them, they keep coming. It is what it is.” 

Sam Webb:  Obviously you’re committed to Michigan.  Are you trying to talk to other guys about Michigan? 

Tyree Kinnel:  “Definitely man, I was out here recruiting today.  Me and Darrin were out here talking.  I was talking to Damien Harris and Justin Hilliard. We try to get a little class together.  We know it’s going to be small but it’s going to be a good one, can’t wait.” 

Sam Webb:  Do you feel like any of the guys were particularly receptive to what you had to say? 

Tyree Kinnel:  “Damien, I don’t know, he’s tough to get.  I talked to him and he just smiles at me.  I don’t know.  Justin, he’s pretty quiet.  I can’t really tell with them.  I’ve been trying to.” 

Sam Webb:  You’re a very versatile guy.  I saw you do some man coverage, play safety.  Is it definitely safety for you at Michigan? 

Tyree Kinnel:  “As of right now I think so, yeah.” 

Sam Webb:  You say as of right now, do you think that could change? 

Tyree Kinnel:  “It could be.  I’m willing to go in and play whatever there.  Coach Mallory likes me at safety as of right now so I’m going to go in and play safety.  If they want to move me, I’ll be fine with it because I like to play corner, I can play nickel, I can come down in the box.  It is whatever they want me at, whatever is best for the team.” 

Sam Webb:  When is the next time you’re going to be up that way? 

Tyree Kinnel:  “Hopefully soon.  I’ve been trying to get up there.  I know I’ll be up there definitely through their summer camp and probably stay a night or two, it would be good.” 

Sam Webb:  For all the people who say hey, you might look around, what would you say to those people? 

Tyree Kinnel:  “100% Michigan, Go Blue!” 

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