A Year Later, Isaac Makes it Michigan

Former USC RB Ty Isaac announced earlier today that his future home is at the University of Michigan. The 6-2, 230-pounder has come full circle, back to his one-time favorite so he can be closer to his ill mother.

Today was a day a few years in the making, for Ty Isaac.  A few weeks after transferring from USC, former Joliet (Ill.) Catholic running back told Brady Hoke that he is ready to follow his heart to Michigan.

“They were in top three when I finished last time and nothing really changed there,” Isaac said.  “I didn’t want to make this some big drawn out process where I was going to a bunch of different schools.  It’s not like I have all of the time in the world to be fully re-recruited by a bunch of different staffs.  Michigan obviously was at the top of the list of places I was able to go.  I just felt comfortable there.”

The former five-star All-American offered nothing but praise for his previous program.  The situation in the “Land of Troy” wasn’t uncomfortable. Being that far away from his ailing mother was.

“It really was my mom,” said Isaac regarding his reason for leaving.  “If you sit down and look at the end of spring depth chart, I was #2 on there.  So I wasn’t worried about playing.  You only get one mom.  That’s just how I feel.  Football is one of them things that is going to be there forever… not necessarily being able to play for, but the game ain’t going nowhere.”

His ability to get home and help on the home-front will obviously be eased considerably by his move to Ann Arbor.  The same is obviously true when it comes to their ability to come see him.  Most importantly, it mitigates the effects of travel on his mother who suffers in part from a condition that is exacerbated by flight.  Isaac hopes his case is one the NCAA finds compelling enough to grant him a waiver that would allow him to play right away.

“You have to pick a school and go through the whole (application) process, and then the NCAA will get back to you,” he said.  “I think we’re all pretty confident that I’ll be able to (play) this year.”

Time will tell how warranted that confidence is.  Whenever Isaac does hit the field he believes he will make a noticeable impact on his new team.  And he doesn’t expect for a position to be given to him.  That major topic of discussion during his interactions while in Ann Arbor for his visit Tuesday and Wednesday.

“We talked about where they saw me,” Isaac said recalling his conversation with his new coaches.  “Obviously they’ve got a new offensive coordinator, so we sat down and talked with him about some things.  It’s kind of just making sure everyone is on the same page.”

“They have some great backs there right now.  What I’m going to do is come in, work hard, and try to earn a spot wherever it may be.  Just find my role on the team.  I was with quite a few (Michigan players) Tuesday night.  I saw DeVeon (Smith) and Derrick (Green).  I think we all understand that it’s one of those things where competition isn’t going to do anything but help all three of us.  I’m excited to get to work with those guys.  I’ve seen them play and I think they’re really good.  I think us three together is going to be something tough.”

He insists that those that question the toughness he add to the mix are sadly mistaken.

“You saw how good USC’s defense was last year,” Isaac stated.  “Top five rush defense in the nation.  We practiced against them every day… against the ones.  I know that that made me a better player.  I think it’s a lot different and I think anyone would say this going from high school to college you learn how to work a lot harder and more efficiently. I feel like my whole game has improved.”

He won’t take any breaks from furthering that improvement while he waits to report in Ann Arbor.  At the moment the date for his arrival is still up in the air.

Said Isaac, “I have a few things I need to take care of on my end and then we’ll figure that out.”

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