Interest Rising in Onwenu

2016 Detroit (Mich.) Cass Tech OL/DL Mike Onwenu had his coming out party at the Columbus Nike Football Training Camp last week. GoBlueWolverine caught up with him after his MVP showing to discuss the growth of his game, the latest in his recruitment, his interest in Michigan, and more.

Sam Webb:  How did it feel to win the MVP? 

Mike Onwenu:  “It feels good.  I came over here with the mindset like I got to work, I got to get it so I deserve this.  That’s what I did.” 

Sam Webb:  Talk to me about your improvement.  I remember when I talked to you a few months ago you were working on your game.  How have you gotten better in the last few months? 

Mike Onwenu:  “I got better with my footsteps and my hand placement.  I was just working faster and my feet got faster than me.” 

Sam Webb:  Clearly recruiting is starting to pick up for you as well.  Kind of give me an idea of the schools you’re hearing from the most at this point. 

Mike Onwenu:  “The most is Michigan State, Illinois, Notre Dame, Ohio, Tennessee, Purdue.” 

Sam Webb:  Which of those schools have offered? 

Mike Onwenu:  “Only Ohio State.” 

Sam Webb:  What did that feel like? 

Mike Onwenu:  “That was a great feeling, from a Big Ten school.  It was my first offer.  I’m always going to the future, thinking about this.  That was a great feeling.” 

Sam Webb:  Were you tempted to go ahead and commit or were you always going to wait it out? 

Mike Onwenu:  “I’m always going to wait it out.  I enjoy the recruiting process.” 

Sam Webb:  At what point do you think you’ll be ready to make a decision? Are you going to wait until signing day of your senior year?  Are you going to try to get it done earlier than that? 

Mike Onwenu:  “I’m probably going to wait it out until signing day.  I got to think about everything that matters.” 

Sam Webb:  Would you say that the Buckeyes are your favorite at this point? 

Mike Onwenu:  “Yeah, they are the favorite.” 

Sam Webb:  Who else are you looking at.  Who do you think is maybe going to offer you next? 

Mike Onwenu:  “Illinois or Michigan State.” 

Sam Webb:  Do you have any plans on getting out on any visits any time soon? 

Mike Onwenu:  “I’m visiting the Michigan State camp.  I want to visit the Michigan’s camp and Tennessee’s camp but I don’t know when Michigan and Tennessee is.” 

Sam Webb:  What do you think of the Wolverines, what are they saying to you at this point? 

Mike Onwenu:  “Wolverines, I haven’t heard from them in a while but you know, I still show love; it’s still in my family’s blood.  So either way it goes, I show love.” 

Sam Webb:  Your family’s blood?  Who from you family is for Michigan? 

Mike Onwenu:  “My uncle… everybody.  My sister goes to Michigan State.  But my uncle (and) my auntie graduated from Michigan.” 

Sam Webb:  That must make it pretty interesting around the dinner table when you all get together? 

Mike Onwenu:  “Yeah, everybody just battling, where you going to go, you got to go to Michigan State or Michigan.” 

Sam Webb:  So who do you side with? 

Mike Onwenu:  “I don’t know, I just sit there quietly. (Laughter)” 

Sam Webb:  You did O-line out here.  I know you said you would do whatever.  You don’t have any preference what side of the ball you’ll be recruited for? 

Mike Onwenu:  “No, I don’t really care.” 

Sam Webb:  Do you think you’re better on one side of the ball than the other right now? 

Mike Onwenu:  “Yeah, I think I’m better on offense than my defense.  That’s what I’m working at right now, defense.  They got to be on the same level as my offense too.” 

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