Bogie's Bag: Benching, Bball Commits & More

In this week's Bogie's Bag I tackle the 2015 & 2016 basketball classes, who's looking good for Michigan and at what position, the offensive line this fall, a few predictions, and my bench pressing prowess.

Q: Is Dwayne Bacon a serious option for Michigan? Is Henry Ellenson a serious option? Do either have any plans of visiting this summer? Is Michigan looking at Jamal Murray as an off guard to play with a guy like Thornton? Do you see Michigan trying to land both Seth Towns and T.J. Leaf?

A: Michigan’s main focus right now is part of a phrase the coaches use quite a bit reading ‘love who loves you.’ I think Michigan approves of Dwayne Bacon’s game and think he would be a great fit in the offense. The Wolverines have kept in touch and continued their pursuit but until Bacon steps foot on campus I do envision it heating up. Bacon says he wants to visit in the fall but it’ll be interesting to see if/when he does. As far as Henry Ellenson is concerned, Michigan loves him and the kid really is a perfect fit in John Beilein’s offense. With limited post options in 2015 I’d say Ellenson is definitely a serious option and someone who, if he does make it to campus this summer, it’ll be because Michigan worked hard to get him there. Right now Jamal Murray and his family would prefer him to be a point guard though I believe they are open to him playing off the ball in college. I think Murray is seen as a point guard in Michigan’s eyes though. As far as Seth Towns and T.J. Leaf are concerned, they’re very different players to me but I’d envision them playing a similar position at Michigan, a three or four so I don’t believe Michigan would take both.

Q: Could we see Thornton and possibly Battle silent commit or can they get their offer this weekend and commit? Does Michigan honestly have a shot at Damien Harris?

A: This one is interesting. Obviously, no official offers will be extended on this weekend visit but trust that the coaching staff will do everything they can to indicate those offers are coming and coming quickly on June 15. I don’t see a situation where one or both tell the coaching staff they’ll commit on June 15 during this weekend visit but I wouldn’t be surprised if it all happened quickly upon returning home and after officially receiving the offers. Speaking with both of their fathers, their decisions come down to whenever they fall in love with a place. If they fall in love now they’ll commit, if it’s a year from now they could do it then. Either way, Michigan is in a great spot with both.

Q: Do you know if the seniors went through seal training this year? If not are there any plans to have something to take its place?

A: The seniors did not and will not go through the seal training this off-season, per Brady Hoke. The seniors do however always have meetings on leadership throughout the spring and summer leading up to camp.

Q: Do you think we will see a noticeable change in Michigan’s offensive line play?

A: That’s the million-dollar question isn’t it? Ordinarily after losing two offensive linemen drafted into the NFL I’d say the offensive line shouldn’t be expected to be great or even improved from a year ago. I believe there is talent, unproven talent, and a lot of decisions that need to be made in regard to who plays where and what five are the best. That being said, with Doug Nussmeier arriving in Ann Arbor I would expect schemes that play to the strength of these young kids which would equal simplicity and a greater focus on just straight up smash mouth type football, man on man, strongest and lowest one wins. I think the combination of that will help significantly regardless of the overall production out of the tailbacks. Pass Blocking wise? Well, the quarterbacks had better be ready to run, that’s all I’ll say.

Q: Is Ty Isaac counted as a 2014 or 2015 commit? Will big play McCray see the field this season? Who is the next likely basketball commit?

A: I believe Isaac’s scholarship will have to count toward 2014 because this year will essentially be a redshirt season unless he’s granted immediate eligibility. I would expect McCray to see time on special teams, possibly in a reserve role off the bench defensively but without really being able to see practices that’d be hard to say as of right now. Next likely basketball commit? Tough, but I’d go with Derryck Thornton Jr.

Q: Who does Michigan sign in the 2015 basketball class? Will Michigan look to land another GR3 ultra-athletic 3-4 in the 2015 class? What’s happening with Caleb Swanigan?

A: Right now I don’t think there’s any clear cut favorite for Michigan to land in the 2015 class that would give me the ability to even put out a strong prediction on. Michigan needs a scoring wing and will look to find a big man if the right one emerges. I think Michigan addressed the loss of Glenn Robinson III in the 2014 class with the late signing of Aubrey Dawkins. John Beilein thinks very highly of Dawkins athletic ability and size, indicating he might even be a shade over 6-foot-6 right now. With Caleb Swanigan, Michigan is in there and Bacari Alexander continues to do a good job. It’ll be important for the Wolverines to get him on campus, most likely in the fall.

Q: How much do you bench?

A: This is awesome and funny too actually because over the last few months I’ve finally made a concerted effort to hit the weight room and look to tone/add some significant upper body strength. I haven’t maxed out yet, nor do I think I ever did when I was just a young buck in high school, but right now I’m benching three sets of 12 at 140-pounds. Venturing a guess that might put my max at around 185? It’s a process but I feel great!

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