Cooper Commanding B1G Attention

2016 Ohio LB/DE Jonathan Cooper talks to GBW about his offers so far … and about OSU, MSU and Michigan.

Sam Webb: First things first, how do you think you did out there?

Jonathon Cooper: "I think I did a pretty good job competing against the offensive linemen and stuff. So, I did pretty good. At the end when the called the best of the best, I wasn't called, which was kind of a down for me but overall I thought I did a pretty good job."

Sam Webb: When I saw you a couple of months ago you said you were working on your game. Where have you improved since maybe your season, how have you gotten better?

Jonathon Cooper: "I think I've improved on my footwork and my flexibility covering the tight end, covering slot receivers and also my strength, getting stronger."

Sam Webb: Position wise, I saw you doing D-end the whole day. What are you going to be long term, are you going to be a edge rusher, are you going to be a linebacker? What are you going to play at the next level?

Jonathon Cooper: "At the next level, I think I will probably move back to linebacker and probably play outside linebacker where I can come and rush the QB and also defend the run overall in college. But, the defensive end is probably where I probably preferably going to stay."

Sam Webb: Height and weight wise, where are you?

Jonathon Cooper: "I'm about 6'3" 220 right now."

Sam Webb: Ideally where are you trying to get to size wise, weight wise, what are you trying to get up to?

Jonathon Cooper: "Weight wise I'll probably be something from 235 to 250 and about 6'5" to 6'6"."

Sam Webb: Recruiting wise how have things gone for you in the last month. Have you heard from more schools?

Jonathon Cooper: "Yes sir, actually I just got offered by Indiana on (last) Friday. That was a pretty big thing and I'm still getting letters from other colleges and stuff. It's going really well."

Sam Webb: How many offers to you have on the table right now?

Jonathon Cooper: "Three."

Sam Webb: Other than Indiana, what are the other two?

Jonathon Cooper: "Illinois and Kentucky."

Sam Webb: Other schools that you're hearing from heavily, who are some of those?

Jonathon Cooper: "Michigan State, Michigan, and Ohio State."

Sam Webb: So, let us talk about those three schools, starting with the last one you mentioned. What is Ohio State saying to you? What is your interest in the Buckeyes?

Jonathon Cooper: "They're saying stuff like they want to see me come to the camp, which I'm going to on Sunday, also just see how I am in space and workout with the linebackers."

Sam Webb: Is that where they're recruiting you, linebacker?

Jonathon Cooper: "Yes sir."

Sam Webb: What about Michigan State?

Jonathon Cooper: "Michigan State, they're also recruiting me as a linebacker and I am also going to go to their camp."

Sam Webb: I know you've been to Michigan for a visit already, are they talking about their camp too?

Jonathon Cooper: "I don't know if I'm going yet. I'll try to find out."

Sam Webb: When you get ready to sit down and make that decision, you kind of said you are looking for some comfort, what is going to determine that comfort, what are going to be the biggest factors in your choice?

Jonathon Cooper: "Just how the colleges treat me, how they respond to me, how they talk to me."

Sam Webb: Timeline wise, do you want to end up waiting until your senior season to get this done or would you like to get it done a lot sooner?

Jonathon Cooper: "Maybe next year by the end of my junior year, either then or by the end of my senior year. Either one would be good for me."

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