Thornton Jr. hearing from plenty

Derryck Thornton Jr. is one of the top players in 2016. Read on to see why he still feels he has something to prove, how his recruitment is going, and more.

Derryck Thornton Jr. is one of the top players in 2016 and his recruitment says as much. Still, the 6-foot-2, 165-pound five-star point guard feels he has something to prove.

"I want to get my name out there more," Thornton Jr. said. "Some people still don't know who I am or how well I can play, so I come to camps just to play hard and prove a point not only to scouts, but to other players too. I like to come out here and play hard and prove I belong."

There likely is not much of a question as to whether or not Thornton Jr. belongs and his recruitment is a good indication of that.

"Recruiting is going great, better than I could have ever imagined to be honest," Thornton Jr. said. "I had heard I would be highly recruited later on in my career, but it has been great and faster than I thought it would come.

"I am getting offers and looks from schools all over the country from California to Miami and pretty much everywhere in between."

Ideally, Thornton Jr. would like to reflect on how his recruitment is going, but his work rate simply does not allow him to.

"I try to step back and look at everything, but it is going so fast that it is hard to admire what is going on because I am working hard to get better," he said.

Although he is hearing from plenty of schools, there are numerous ones that are aggressively recruiting Thornton Jr.

"A lot of schools are doing a great job," Thornton Jr. said. "Michigan has been doing well for a while, Cal has been doing really well since Coach Martin has gotten there. UConn, Miami, Florida, USC, and Arizona are also doing a great job with me right now."

As Thornton Jr. talks with each of the schools recruiting him, he has a good idea of what he is looking for.

"I am going to look at how good of a relationship I have with a coach and the players they have there already and the ones coming in," he said. "I am going to be taking a hard look at the coach because being a point guard, you have to be able to be able to be a coach on the floor, so I want to trust my coach and have the coach trust me.

"If I make a mistake, I want a coach that will talk me through it and make sure we are still on the same page."

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