Two Standing Out for Layne

For two straight weeks 2016 Cleveland (Ohio) Benedictine WR has been a top camp performer. Two weeks ago he stood out at the Columbus Nike Football Training Camp. Last week he switched to the hardwood and was among the best at Michigan's Elite basketball camp. More and more schools are taking notice, but two B1G rivals have the early advantage.

Sam Webb: Let’s start off with Michigan’s basketball camp.  I thought that you were one of the most impressive performers there.  How do you think you did?

Justin Layne:  “I think I did okay.  I could’ve done better.  I haven’t been spending as much time with basketball as much (as football) lately.”

Sam Webb:  Obviously you are big time in both sports.  Have you decided whether you are going to play one or the other, or are you going to try and play both in college?

Justin Layne:  “Most likely football, but I’m just trying to let it ride out as long as possible to see what my options are.”

Sam Webb: You went over me met the football staff and saw the football facilities while you were on campus.  What did you think?

Justin Layne:  “It was crazy.  The facilities were nice.  They have a new (football building).  They showed us the field, the locker rooms, weight room, meeting rooms, everything.  It was nice.” 

Sam Webb:  What coaches did you end up spending time with?

Justin Layne:  “Coach Singletary and I actually talked to almost every coach.”

Sam Webb:  I ask this from every guy in Ohio, so it is not just you, but did you grow up an Ohio State fan?

Justin Layne:  “Oh yeah.”

Sam Webb:  What’s that like, you growing up a Buckeye fan, it is kind of hard to look at Michigan?

Justin Layne:  “I’m open.  Whatever bests fits me, I’m cool with.”

Sam Webb:  What about your family? If you’re a Buckeye fan, I imagine most your family consists of Buckeye fans too. What are they saying about the idea of you looking at Michigan?

Justin Layne:  “If they be get at me… I’m just going to college.  They’ll get over it. (Laughter).”

Sam Webb:  Has Ohio State offered you a scholarship yet?

Justin Layne:  “Not yet.”

Sam Webb:  What is Ohio State saying to you about that?

Justin Layne:  “They said that they just want to build a relationship with me.”

Sam Webb:  What schools have you offered you scholarships so far besides Michigan?

Justin Layne:  “Michigan, Michigan State, Pitt, Miami, Florida and West Virginia.”

Sam Webb:  Have any of those schools started sticking out for you yet?

Justin Layne:  “Michigan, Michigan State and…that is it for right now.”

Sam Webb:  Talk to me about Michigan State, what is it about Michigan State that has them sticking out on your list?

Justin Layne:  “I like the coaching staff.  I like the program.  I like the tradition.”

Sam Webb:  Let us take the schools out of it for a bit and talk about recruiting more broadly. What are you looking for in a school?

Justin Layne:  “Am I going to be able to play right away, coaching staff, loyal and they going to be around for a while.  Whether or not I’m going to graduate with a degree, where I feel like I want to (major in).”

Sam Webb:  You said you want play right away. Tell me about your game. If you are a scout in the stands and you’re watching Justin Layne on the football field, tell me what you see.

Justin Layne:  “He’s fast for his height.  He’s big.  He can jump.”

Sam Webb:  He can jump out the gym!

Justin Layne:  “(Laughter) Yeah. And he’s a good blocker.”

Sam Webb:  So what is your height, weight and forty time right now?

Justin Layne:  “I’m 6-3, weight 178, and my forty time is a 4.44.”

Sam Webb:  You told me what you like about Michigan State. What do you like about Michigan?

Justin Layne:  “The thing I like about Michigan is that I definitely like their facilities.  The field is crazy.  I love their tradition and how they develop receivers.  I know they have a long history of receivers going to the league.”

Sam Webb:  Now the basketball side of things, what was that staff like and experience like outside of the playing part of it?

Justin Layne:  “It was nice.  They were real genuine and they seemed to really care about the players.”

Sam Webb:  Are you going to be a guy that waits until signing day of your senior season to make a decision?

Justin Layne:  “I don’t know, I’ll have to think it over with my dad, I do not know right now though.  We’re just trying to enjoy it right now.”

Sam Webb:  Who is in your circle?  Is it mainly just your dad or are you leaning on some other people too?

Justin Layne:  “Pretty much my dad and my coach.”

Sam Webb:  As far as the rest of the summer, do you have anything else planned, combines or anything like that?

Justin Layne:  “I’m planning on going to at least one college camp, but I don’t know which one I want to go to yet.”

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