Derryck Thornton Jr. Reacts to Michigan Offer

Michigan officially extends a scholarship offer to 2016 Findlay (Nev.) Prep five-star point guard Derryck Thornton Jr. on June 15. Thornton Jr. reacts to the offer from the Wolverines inside.

June 15 has officially arrived and Michigan wasted no time officially extending a scholarship offer to 2016 Findlay (Nev.) Prep five-star point guard Derryck Thornton Jr.

“It was a great experience,” Thornton Jr. said. “At first (Coach Beilein) just called me and we just talked about the visit a little bit and how much he loved me and how much I love the school. We talked about that for a little bit and we talked about style of play and pretty much how the visit was. We talked about everything we did on the visit and how I liked the school. And then he offered me and we talked a little bit after that.”

“I was surprised,” Thornton Jr. added. “It was just great talking to him and I wasn’t really expecting him to offer like that so it was really cool. It was just pretty cool talking to him.”

Thornton Jr. made his first visit to Ann Arbor along with his father just over a week ago and impressed the Wolverines' coaching staff enough throughout the recruiting process to earn the offer from John Beilein.

Asked if the possibility of committing immediately came to mind during the phone call, Thornton Jr. didn't hold back.

“Those thoughts were going on,” Thornton Jr. said. “Those thoughts were kind of spinning in my head when we were talking.”

Standing 6-foot-2, 165-pounds, Thornton Jr. is currently ranked the No. 2 overall point guard in the 2016 class and the No. 11 overall prospect in the nation.

Asked what more the Wolverines might need to do to secure a commitment, Thornton Jr. says he has one more thing he wants to see first.

“They don’t have to do much more,” Thornton Jr. said. “I kind of just want to go down there during the school year and see how the campus life is during school. Other than that, they’ve done a terrific job.”

Following his visit to Michigan, Derryck Thornton Sr. had this to say about their time with the Wolverines.

“In my opinion the visit was a 15 out of 10,” Thornton Sr. said. “I don’t know if it could have went any better. Spending a lot of time with the coaches and the staff and getting to sit down with (John) Beilein and break down the video and the differences and similarities of him and Trey and some of the different nuances of the game they taught Trey. And then they went over things that Derryck can do and the differences between the two. Derryck might not need the ball screen as much but Trey is a more consistent shooter by the time he was a freshman in college.

“So, we went over a bunch of things like that so just being around the community and meeting with the staff, not just the basketball staff, people around the school. We came in a couple days early so we went over to the student center, the activities center, we met with the athletic director and he’s just an impressive man and the things that he said. I don’t see how it could’ve gone any better on that trip. Maybe if he shot it better (at the camp).”

Asked right here, right now, what school he thinks he wants his son to attend, Thornton Sr. added the following.

“You’re putting me on the spot,” Thornton Sr. said laughing. “I put it like this, there’s very few schools that fit his style of play and who he is as well as Michigan does. And I want him to go to a school where he can excel being him and have a terrific college experience, the whole experience; football games, volleyball games and great in class activity and maybe run for student government.

“And I haven’t seen anything more complete, as of right now, than Michigan.”

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