Farrell Fits the TE Mold for Michigan

2016 Perry (Ohio) TE Luke Farrell was the third camper to earn an offer from Michigan Monday. The experience helped Michigan rise significantly in the eyes of the lifelong Buckeye fan.

Michigan has worked diligently to replenish the tight end ranks on the roster since Brady Hoke took the helm, and that effort continued in earnest during this year’s summer camp.  A target that quickly rose to the fore Monday was 2016 Perry (Ohio) standout Luke Farrell.  By the end of the day he had earned a scholarship offer.

“I think I did pretty good,” Farrell said regarding his performance.  “I was worn out a little bit, but I think I did pretty good. They were watching me from the beginning.  Me and two other tight ends were singled out pretty much the whole time. When Coach Mattison and talked and me it was clear they were really interested.”

On the day Farrell made a habit of beating linebackers in one-on-one match-ups and showed fairly sure hands.  That’s despite not being utilized as much of a receiving option for his high school team.

“At the tight end spot I had three touchdowns,” he said.  “I didn’t have that may catches because we ran the ball a lot.  But I did pretty well.”

Well enough for Illinois and now Michigan to join his early offer list.  Next up on the visit lit are camp stops at Ohio State (Tuesday and Wednesday) and Notre Dame (Friday).  Both programs will have ample opportunity to impress the talented youngster, but it’s clear that Michigan already has.

“(Michigan) is up there pretty far (on his list) since they’re the only other team to offer me,” said Farrell. “I just know that I fit the type of tight end they want.  Coach Mattison was talking about a lot of blocking, which I do a lot.”

Such positive feelings about the Maize & Blue are frowned upon in the Buckeye State, especially when they’re coming from a lifelong Buckeye fan like Farrell.

“I’m not hardcore,” Farrell quickly contended. “But (looking at Michigan in a positive light) is different. My family really wouldn’t care.  They would support me where ever I go.”

When it gets right down to it Farrell plans to base his decision on something more than his boyhood affinity.

“(The decision will be based on) wherever I feel the most comfortable with the coaches and the academics,” he said.

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