U-M Definitely First with Towns

2016 Columbus (Ohio) Northland SF/PF Seth Towns has a high opinion of Michigan prior to receiving a Wolverine offer. Now that he has received one he sees the Maize & Blue in an even brighter light.

Ask anyone that knows Seth Towns and they’ll tell you that he is generally a pretty laid back kid.  However, that reserved demeanor went out the window Sunday when Michigan headman John Beilein extended him a scholarship offer.

“Oh yeah, I got excited,” Towns said laughingly.  “(Beilein) texted me that he was going to call me at 3:30.  He told me that at about two.  I got a little pumped and then when he finally called me. I was real happy.”

And he wasn’t the only one.  As a matter of fact his mother’s reaction rendered Towns’ tame by comparison

“It was real weird because I was with my brother and my dad, and she had just called me brother right before Coach Beilein called me,” recalled Towns.  “So she was on the phone with my little brother while I was on the phone, but he was right next to me.  So when they offered, you could just hear her screaming in the background (laughter).”

That’s significant considering mom’s status as an Ohio State alum. It’s a reflection of the comfort level that the Michigan coaching staff has been effective in establishing. It’s why the feelings elicited by the Wolverine offer stood out from all the rest.

“Yeah (the Michigan offer) was different,” Towns conceded.  “It is just the personal connection that they’ve established, making me feel like I’m a part (of the family) already.  It is just a real good opportunity.  I’ve got to keep everything in perspective because I’m not even fully a junior yet.  I’m going to be a junior, but I’ve got a lot of time.  It goes by fast, but just keeping everything in perspective with all the opportunities that are out there.  This is a real good one, but there are so many.”

Michigan joined Virginia Tech, Xavier and Dayton on Towns early offer list.  A number of other notables including UCLA, Iowa, West Virginia and VCU are hot on his trail.  Even so, all the added attention from new suitors has done nothing to dilute his positive view of the Maize & Blue.

“They’re first right now on my list,” said Towns. “It is just how they’ve treated me for a little while.  But I’m still looking at a lot of schools.  So many called in today that I didn’t even know I had (interest from) like UCLA.  That was one of my dream schools when I was younger and they called me.  Vanderbilt that is a very prestigious school and they called me today.  But Michigan is first right now.”

Because of that a quick decision timeline would seemingly favor the Wolverines.  At this point, though, he doesn’t appear to be in any rush.

“I’m not completely sure (when a decision will come),” he said. “I don’t look at it like (there’s a need for a firm timetable).  I just look at it like whenever I fall in love with a school and whenever the time is right, I’m going to commit then.”

The Columbus (Ohio) Northland star indicated that will continue to keep an eye on recruiting, but most of his time and attention will be focused on improving his game.  His performance during Michigan’s elite camp made him even more determined to do just that.

“(The camp) was pretty good.  I’m pretty hard on myself with how I play and I didn’t play too good.  After that camp, I was pretty upset.   Just getting more comfortable with everybody and everything.  It is still pretty cool every time I go up there.”

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