U-M's Big Stage Appeals to Upshur

2016 Philadelphia (Pa.) Imhotep Charter TE Naseir Upshur was excited by the news of his Michigan offer last week, but when he visited campus for the first time a few days later took that excitement was taken to another level.

Naseir Upshur had had a feeling that a Michigan offer was on the way, but that expectation did nothing to dim his reaction when he received official word last week.

“I was very excited,” said Upshur.  “Coach Dan (Ferrigno) recruited us since the ninth grade so that means a lot.  And they produce players to the NFL.”

The Keystone State star finds both traits enticing, but finds the former especially so

 “(Ferrigno) is just very excited,” Upshur said.  “I like a coach that is going to be excited.  A coach that likes to have fun.  He’s a cool coach and I’ve known him for two years.”

The feeling is obviously mutual.  Michigan is now one of 18 schools on Upshur’s offer list, and with athleticism he brings to his position that list is sure to grow

“I’m very aggressive,” said Upshur describing his skill set.  “I’m going to dominate my opponent every time.  I’m awesome with cuts.  It is going to be hard for linebackers who want to stick me to stop me.”

Some pundits think cornerbacks would have just as much trouble if Upshur decided to move to the outside full time.

 “I might move to wide receiver… I’m not sure right now,” he said. “(I need to) just get a little bit faster, I’ve been working on my speed lately.  (Position) doesn’t matter right now.”

What does matter, though, is his feel for the schools recruiting him. Upshur has planned visits numerous campuses this summer to increase his familiarity with his suitors.  He stopped by Michigan for the first time last Friday.

“It was very exciting,” he said.  “It was a very big campus.  My family got an opportunity to visit the campus and I just didn’t know that the school was actually that big.  It is very big. I want to go to a college that is in a big city.  I want to play in front of a big stage.  When we were talking on the tunnel and we got on the field, my whole, my friends and everything got hype.  We were just running around and having fun on the field.”

While in the Great Lake State he also had an opportunity to catch up with an old friend.

“I was talking to Freddy Canteen actually most of the time that I saw him was on Friday,” Upshur said.  “We knew each other even before he went to Michigan so we were just talking about football, how we played each other, and how that game was (and) how we’re pulling for each other and talking about the campus and everything.”

“(Michigan) is a great team, a nice team.  He told me how the coaches are cool and everything.  You can get a great education there.  That’s #1.  I want to go somewhere where I can get a great education.”

Needless to say, the Wolverines’ first impression was a really good one.  However that doesn’t necessarily make them his leader.

“I wouldn’t say nobody is sticking out,” stated Upshur.  “I don’t have a top of anything.  I talk to Arizona State a lot, Temple, South Carolina, Michigan.  I talk to a lot of schools a lot, but those are schools that I really talk to the most.”

When the time for him to establish a pecking order comes Upshur’s weeding out process will be based upon a few key factors.

“Great education, coaches treating me like family… like I’m supposed to be there, having a relationship with my parents, and a great community.”

“I’ll probably cut down to my top 15 by the end of the summer.”

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