Bogie's Bag: Next in 2015, Looking to Fall

This weeks Bogie's Bag features info on 2016 basketball class, next 2015 football commits, looking to football in the fall, and more.

Q: Any real sense why Doug Nussmeier went after Messiah deWeaver so quickly? Michigan had to keep K.J. Costello from committing and Shea Patterson had real interest. They waited a long time to offer Alex Malzone and it worked out.

A: Over the last year Messiah deWeaver has made tremendous growth physically and just overall in his skill set as a quarterback. From a footwork standpoint, delivery, and the fact that he has a big arm, all make him an attractive option as a future quarterback. I understand that some people will look at the situation and wonder why Michigan didn’t take the higher rated guy but if Doug Nussmeier approves I think, given his track record, it should mean a little bit. Costello very well could have committed but part of the problem was he was on a visit tour and would’ve continued to take those visits regardless; complicates things. Either way, you get a young man with good size, from the state of Ohio, throwing a nice deep ball, and with tools to develop further, good situation for Michigan to get their 2016 quarterback with that.

Q: Is Derryck Thornton Jr./Cassius Winston a first come, first serve type situation? Do you see Michigan possibly taking both? What does the 2016 class look like if you had to guess right now? How many and who?

A: The situation with Thornton Jr. and Winston is absolutely one that includes a first come, first serve mentality and let me tell you, both parties are well aware of that. There is no situation where I envision Michigan taking both point guards. One situation I could possibly see is Quentin Goodin sliding over as a combo guard type going along with another point guard in the class. Right now my guess would be Thornton Jr., Battle, Towns with no strong guesses on the other spots. I believe Michigan will be able to take five in 2016 when it is all said and done (obviously watch the 2015 class, early departures, and attrition).

Q: Who do you see as the second linebacker commitment in the 2015 class? Or who does Michigan have the best shot at?

A: I would say Osa Masina seems like a good bet but being all the way out in the west I’m hesitant to say that. Obviously the glowing remarks Asmar Bilal had for Michigan following his visit stands out and I’m beginning to think he could team up with fellow Indiana native Darrin Kirkland in Ann Arbor. This is just my opinion obviously and time will certainly tell.

Q: Does Michigan seem to be focusing more on interior offensive line or tackle recruiting for the presumably last line spot in the 2015 class? Are the Wolverines truly not going to take any defensive tackles this year?

A: Michigan continues to look at tackles but with that being said it appears they’d be very open to guys that could slide inside if necessary. It does not appear the Wolverines are very worried about adding a defensive tackle especially given the small class. That could obviously change down the road.

Q: Who do you see as Michigan’s wide receiver commitments in 2015?

A: The one that seems to stand out the most to me at this point is Miles Boykin. Beyond that? The answer still remains hidden the weeds with Brian Cole clearly being a toss up.

Q: Do you see Ty Isaac hearing anything in the near future about playing this year? Also, can Michigan basketball ever expect to recruit and land a true post center?

A: Word could come down anytime on the Ty Isaac front but I wouldn’t be too optimistic about him gaining immediate eligibility at Michigan. As for the second part, Michigan appears to have a certain type of big man in mind when it comes to their recruiting and offense but I do believe adding an elite post player can pay major dividends, as we saw with Mitch McGary. In the 2015 and 2016 classes, it does not appear any are destined for Ann Arbor at this point.

Q: Any rumbling around Schembechler Hall about the development of the offensive line? Quiet confidence?

A: Simplicity will obviously be a great benefit for a young, inexperienced group but losing two NFL tackles, having a sure fire starter miss the entire spring with injury, adding in a one game suspension for one of your guards and I think it’ll be a mish mash early, with the group possibly gelling toward the second half of the season. I think Devin Gardner’s ability with his legs will be relied upon heavily. Obviously, publically, the coaching staff will lean toward optimism that the position can improve quickly.

Q: What is your best idea as to how much Michigan football has improved since last year? How much has Nussmeier improved Devin Gardner as a quarterback?

A: I think my opinion might just be as good as any on this one but I think the No. 1 reason Michigan is a better football team in 2014 is simply because of the schedule. I know, games at Notre Dame, Michigan State and Ohio State will be toss-ups and quite frankly could all be losses but Michigan’s other two road games are very winnable, as are their seven home games. Record wise I believe Michigan will be better than 2013, which, most of you are probably hoping that better be the case. From a positional standpoint I think a lot of young, talented players saw important snaps a year ago and you have to think it’ll be beneficial in some way. As for Devin Gardner, I don’t think we’ll know if he’s better or by how much until the snaps are taken on game day. Gardner, under pressure last year, struggled to make good decisions (most of the time because he was getting killed) but if Nussmeier can craft an attack that caters to his ability and add in any semblance of a rushing attack and that’ll make Gardner better regardless.

Q: If you had to pick one point guard from the guys Michigan offered who would it be?

A: To me, Derryck Thornton Jr. has the highest ceiling. Still believe Cassius Winston will be a fantastic college point guard and that Quentin Goodin is a great candidate as a one or combo guard.

Q: Who is the next 2015 basketball prospect most likely to receive a new offer this summer/fall?

A: Caleb Swanigan. Swanigan announced he’s reclassifying to the 2015 class and he could become the main target in the post.

Q: Why hasn’t Damien Harris visited recently?

A: Good question. My opinion is it’ll be an uphill climb to get Damien Harris back into Michigan’s class.

Q: What’s up with Brian Cole and do you think he picks Michigan?

A: I think this season means a lot in the eyes of Brian Cole and his family as far as what he ultimately decides to do with Michigan. If things go well, I could see him making the call for the Wolverines.

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