Offer Has U-M Firmly on Hines' Radar (Part 2)

In part two of our feature on 2017 Plano (Tex.) East LB/DE Anthony Hines III the rising sophomore's father discusses the schools that stood out most on their recent road trip, his son's decision criteria, decision timeline, and more.

  • If you missed part one of this feature, click here.

Anytime a program targets an out-of-region prospect one of the immediate questions is will distance be a factor?  Anthony Hines III gained a great deal of perspective on that very topic en route to his Michigan last week.

“It was a driving trip… one of those winding trips,” Hines father said laughingly. “We started off at South Carolina, then we did NC State… we also did North Carolina, Wake Forest, up to Tennessee, then Ohio State, and then Michigan.   We saved Michigan for last. (Distance) is not going to be a factor because wherever he goes we are going follow.  We are going to go to games and visit and stuff like that.  Of course, we won’t make that drive if he decides to play there. (Laughter).  We won’t make that drive on Friday nights… we will be flying.” 

Seeing so many programs over such a small period of time gave Hines the unique opportunity to compare them while his impressions were still fresh.

“Different schools… they stand out,” said Mr. Hines.  “We really liked Michigan.  He also liked %%MATCH_7%% State.  As far as facilities and stuff like that, everybody has really good facilities.  Schools like that have got good facilities.  But when you walk into a Michigan Stadium and you walk into that monster and it just does something to you.  I mean wow! You watch it on TV and it doesn’t do any justice.  Being in there, even when it was empty, it was just impressive.” 

While amenities will certainly play into young Hines’ decision down the line, there are a few other factors that will carry more weight.

“Education is going to be number one,” Mr. Hines insisted.  “He wants to study business so that is going to be number one.  Also, just the people that he is going to be around for that three to four years.  It has got to be good people.  It has got to be good people.  That is a big, big factor.” 

Hines will take his time assessing all of those attributes… dad will make sure of it.  At same time he won’t make his son drag the process out until signing day of his senior year.

“He will probably wrap it before that,” said Mr. Hines.  “He may wrap it up sometime during his junior year.” 

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