McCormick's Musings (Part 1)

Former Michigan standout and college basketball and NBA analyst Tim McCormick joined Sam Webb on Sports Talk 1050 WTKA to discuss the NBA Draft, the NBPA top 100 camp, and more. In part one McCormick discusses the landing spots for Nik Stauskas, Mitch McGary, and Glenn Robinson. McCormick also draws parallels between his collegiate career and McGary's.

Sam Webb:  This is always one of my favorite guests, great insight and perspective from his days as a player to now his days as an analyst and certainly coaching as well on the AAU side and certainly for years at the NBA Players Association Top 100 camp.  He has is covered from A-Z.  I love my man, Timmy Mac.  Tim McCormick, how are you doing this morning? 

Tim McCormick:  “Fantastic.  I loved the draft last night.  The coverage was amazing.  Life is good.  I really appreciate you having me on.” 

Sam Webb:  I appreciate you always coming on Tim.  It’s times like these where being a guy that has seen many of these players, not just on the college level, but on the high school level gives you unique perspective.  Let’s talk first about the Michigan guys and where they got drafted and the situations that they are stepping into.  I’m curious what you thought of Nik Stauskas’s landing spot in Sacramento.  Did you think that is where he would go and what do you think of the fit? 

Tim McCormick:  “I was sitting there last night and was really proud of the fact that at the Top 100 camp three summers ago, we had Glenn Robinson, Nik Stauskas, Mitch McGary, and Gary HarrisAdreian Payne was there when he was in high school.  So to watch each of these guys perform, to get a little bit of an idea of what makes them tick, to watch them seek extra help during free time, to see them asking questions, the speakers, and really trying to get a good gauge on their moral compass and their character, it gave me a lot of pride.  To answer your question about Stauskas, I think he is going to be a really good player.  I wonder about Ben McLemore, the competition there.  I think that Nik Stauskas is one of the most diligent, dedicated workers that I have seen during my 21 years as the director of the Top 100 camp.  He is, I guess the word I would use is, obsessed.  He wants to be the greatest and he is super athletic.  He has a great length to his game.  I think that Nik Stauskas is going to be a longtime starter in the NBA, and I also think he is going to be highly successful off the court.  He has got a really good personality in place, just a good story.” 

Sam Webb:  Yeah, it is. I think his game translates big time to the NBA.  He can shoot, he can obviously not just put in on the floor, but can also create for others.  That is going to allow him to I think play for a long time.  Tim, I thought the situation that Mitch McGary landed in couldn’t have been much better for him.  I am curious if you thought that’s where he would go and talk about the fit for him. 

Tim McCormick:  “He’s going to Oklahoma City.  You look at their roster and you think, Okay, they have Steven Adams who is a rookie this year, and Serge Ibaka. What that allows is the freedom for him to take his time in a pro setting, very structured.  They do a great job of player development with the Thunder.  He gets a chance to play with Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant.  I know that winning is very important to Mitch.  I want him, more than anything else, to get healthy.  I think that he can be a real impact player.  He went through some tough times but really isn’t that a big part of life, you screw up and you learn some lessons; you grown up and you get a little bit tougher.  Also with his injury, I really related very much to him because our career paths were very similar at Michigan.  I came in as a highly hyped freshman.  I didn’t play as much as I wanted as a freshman.  I had some good moments but for the most part, I wanted more.  My sophomore year, I missed the entire year because of two knee surgeries.  I fell into a cloud of depression.  I was isolated from the team.  The thing I knew the best was taken away from me.  I don’t think that I behaved as well as I needed to all the time.  My issues were not as publicized because there wasn’t social media and people watching your every move.  So, I can totally relate what he went through and I just have a strong feeling, my own experience is that Mitch is going to come back and he is really going to fight.  He is going to compete with a vengeance and really grow from his experiences this year.  I think it is a great fit for him.” 

Sam Webb:  Rounding out the Michigan contingent, Glenn Robinson III in the second round… obviously, not where he wanted to go but the situation in Minnesota where it certainly looks like there is going to be an opportunity for him. 

Tim McCormick:  “It is a team that has a need and at some point we as fans have to be able to understand that guys have a right to take a shot when they want.  I have always wanted a little bit more out of Glenn Robinson.  Even when he was at the Top 100 camp, I felt like he blended in a little bit too much.  But maybe that is who he is, maybe he’s not cut out to be an NBA starter.  He is going to be a good rotation guy.  I see him in the league for a long time, making a great living.  He is a hard worker and has a nice skill set.  I think he will continue to improve as he moves on in his career.  So rather than us getting frustrated that he should have come back, I knew it, I don’t think he’s going to be a great player, I think that we should just embrace the fact that this guy has worked really hard.  He has long arms and a great NBA body.  He may not have a complete natural position; he might be a little too small at the small forward position.  He might not be as aggressive as he needs to be to become that alpha dog starter, give me the ball, get out of the way, that’s not really him.  I do think he is going to be a really solid pro.  Minnesota would be a great fit.” 

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