Getting to Know Michael Jordan (Part 1)

2016 Plymouth (Mich.) OT Michael Jordan rose from relative obscurity this month and emerged as one of the stars of Michigan's annual football camp. The Wolverines extended him his first scholarship offer as a result, and now others appear to be on the horizon. In part one of this two-part feature we chat with Jordan's father about his high school season, camp performances, other suitors, and more.

Sam Webb:  Take me through how things went on the football field last year. 

Michael Jordan Sr.:  “I’d say it went real well.  He started both ways as a sophomore.  He actually led the defensive line in tackles.  I think he had 33 total tackles last year.  He was a starting right tackle last year on offense and defensive he played, defensive tackle as well, a little bit of defensive end starting on both ways.” 

Sam Webb:  At what point did you guys kind of come to the conclusion that offensive tackle was his best spot? 

Michael Jordan Sr.:  “Well I think (offensive line) is a more difficult position play and I think he does things as an offensive player that most of the tackles his size can’t do as part of speed, agility, he is built… he does not have the (overweight) body of some of the people who are out there.  He is about 6-6 (and) he now weighs 280, but during the season last year he probably only weighed 240 as a sophomore.  So he has put on 40 pounds of muscle over the off season, during the wrestling and track season as well.  He has been working pretty hard, so probably why he came out of the blue because as a sophomore he was maybe 6-5, 6-6 last year and weighed 240 starting both ways and still was very dominant run blocker but now he has developed also in his pass blocking.  I think that is what is setting him aside.  He has got a lot of extra coaching, a lot of extra time at the run blocking and the pass blocking.  I think he has been improving with that.” 

Sam Webb:  He obviously did really really well at the Michigan camp.  Michigan clearly very impressed, as evidenced by the offer.  Kind of take me through how that all went down. 

Michael Jordan Sr.:  “They offered him right at the end of the camp.  I actually had a conversation with Coach Funk today.  Coach Funk said he really would have offered him on Tuesday or Wednesday of (camp) week but he wanted to make sure that I was there, that a parent was there because I was working and I couldn’t come in until Thursday to watch him or to even be here for it.  But they liked his athleticism obviously.  I think that is the main thing they like about him.  They like his coachability.  They all talked about how easily he takes the coaching and how rapidly he improves throughout the week with more intense coaching.  I think that is actually helping him a lot even this year to help him taking it back to his high school, the differences in the college game and the high school game are pretty apparent to him as his hand positions, foot positions, where his posture during the block.  I think he learned an awful lot while he was there.  They were very excited about him.  He told me that he was among only a couple of players that they brought back that were in his class.  I was quite pleased that Michigan gave him an offer.” 

Sam Webb:  That was his first offer, correct? 

Michael Jordan Sr.:  “Yes.” 

Sam Webb:  Since then have you guys heard from a lot of other schools saying that they are going to offer too? 

Michael Jordan Sr.:  “Two days after we went to Ohio State one day camp and he was one of two players who got to meet with Coach Meyer after the camp, so they’re doing their background search and they are pretty confident that they are going to give him an offer as well.” 

Sam Webb:  Any other plans to make it to any other camps or campuses for visits during the summer? 

Michael Jordan Sr.:  “We’ve been to Michigan State.  We will probably go back up there and talk to them as well.  We were considering the University of Cincinnati, the University of Louisville, a few others in this area he was talking about.  We moved actually from South Carolina, so he was really looking forward to some SEC schools to go visit them.  To be honest, the dates are a little challenging for us to get to, so I don’t know if I am going to make it down to any of the SEC schools that he was interested in, Tennessee, South Caroline, or Clemson.” 

Sam Webb:  At what point did you guys move up this way from down south. 

Michael Jordan Sr.:  “We moved from Charleston, South Carolina.” 

Sam Webb:  When was that, how long ago was that. 

Michael Jordan Sr.:  “Two years ago, so we just moved to this area when he started ninth grade.” 

Sam Webb:  You mentioned that he wants to get down and see some of those schools.  How big of a factor is distance from home going to be for you guys?  Is it going to be a factor being far away from where you are now? 

Michael Jordan Sr.:  “It’s not far away from home, it’s the network that I think is important.  So, one of the things was the advantage to have a network in schools, that we have connections with all the schools that are listed there.  The distance, I don’t think, is as much of an issue as what kind of network for success is going to be there for you that I can make sure that you are going to graduate there.  So, we want to build a good relationship with the school and with the faculty there.  We already have some family in most of these places that we can also help with his development as a student and as a person.  That is going to be important for us.  Distance itself isn’t that important because I think that we have people that we can reach out to in quite a few cities around the country.” 

For details on Jordan’s decision criteria, decision timeline, future visit plans, and more stay tuned to GoBlueWolverine for part two of this future.

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