Getting to Know Michael Jordan (Part 2)

In part two of our feature on 2016 Plymouth (Mich.) OT Michael Jordan, the talented youngster's father discusses the role academics will play in the decision-making process, the decision timeline, early impressions of Michigan, and more.

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Sam Webb:  How deep into the vetting process are you guys when it comes to checking out the academics?  Have you looked very thoroughly into these schools yet, or is that still something that you guys have to do? 

Michael Jordan:  “We are still doing a lot.  I already know a lot about Michigan and Ohio State.  I actually used to an organization called Inroads and I recruited students from all of these different schools.  So, I am very familiar with their background and academic verifications, which one of the colleges have the best academic reputation.  I know school of business from both schools is great, Ohio State and Michigan and Michigan State is up there with their program logistics and engineering for all three schools is great.  I know, depending on what major he really wants to concentrate on, right now he knows he likes things that are number centered.  He wants to have a career that involves some math but that is about all he has narrowed down as far as major.  Once he narrows down a major that we can see where we think the most likely place to have a great career will come from after that.” 

Sam Webb:  Ideally, is this a process that you guys conclude late in his senior year.  A lot of kids like to wait until signing day.  Is that kind of what you foresee with your son or do you want to get it done sooner than that? 

Michael Jordan:  “I think it is mainly his decision.  I think he will need to be comfortable making it.  I would not let him make a decision this early because you can’t really give me anything in writing and he can’t have a lot of direct communication with the coaches there.  You really can’t understand the feeling you get from them until a little later in the process.  Once he has had time to spend time with the school and to spend time with the coaching staff and where he thinks he will develop the most, I think he will make the decision in that time period.  But whether that time period is junior year or during his senior year, I really can’t tell you because it is going to be up to him.” 

Sam Webb:  My very last question, you mentioned that you had a chance to interact with Coach Funk and the Michigan coaches.  I am curious of what your impressions of them have been so far. 

Michael Jordan:  “So far I think they have done great job of getting to know my son.  They have done their research on him.  They have a relationship with the coaching staff at Plymouth High School so that is a plus for us and they are able to vet him fairly quickly before they made an offer.  We spent five days with Michigan so they were able to eat and sit and talk and do a little bit more than football, teaching, and yelling all the time.  I think that it gives him a good impression of where the coaching staff has gone so he also got to interact with the offensive coordinator.  He got a good impression from them.  We had interaction a lot with the line coach from Ohio State and a little with the others but we are going back down there in July for another one of the football events.  I think it is Friday Night Lights on the 25th, so we will have a little bit more time to interact with that school as well.” 

Sam Webb:  Did Michigan talk to you at all about their barbecue? 

Michael Jordan:  “They did.  We will be back there for that.”    

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