Washington Fond of UNC Staff

In addition to celebrating his birthday, Robert Washington’s calendar had listed a trip to North Carolina on that day for quite some time.

Although UNC was hosting a camp on June 17, the 2016 running back was planning to visit purely as a spectator.

That plan changed a few days before Washington, a 5-foot-9, 209-pounder from Huntersville (N.C.) SouthLake Christian Academy, arrived in Chapel Hill.

“Being around football and being a football guy, you want to work out,” Washington said. “I just wanted to work with Coach [Larry] Porter and see how he coaches. I wanted him to evaluate me, and not just me evaluate him.”

Washington camped at UNC last summer where he worked out under the guidance of then running back coach Randy Jordan. After sitting out the timing portion of this year’s camp, he spent the entire session with Jordan’s replacement, Porter.

“[Porter] is a good guy,” Washington said. “He knows a lot, obviously, because he’s a college coach. I learned a lot participating in that camp. It was a good time working with him. He’s a good coach and I enjoyed being coached by him.

“[Porter and Jordan] are two different style coaches. Coach Porter really stressed details. But they’re both really good coaches.”

Following the camp, Washington and a crew of fellow SouthLake Christian players spoke briefly with Gunter Brewer, who recruits that area for UNC.

Washington was then escorted to Larry Fedora’s office for a 30-minute meeting with UNC’s head coach.

“He said he loved what I did,” Washington said. “He said that Coach [Larry] Porter said I did excellent. He said I was a tailor-made running back for their offense. He said he’s going to recruit the crap out of me until my commitment day.”

Washington said that visit to UNC made his feelings towards the school even stronger.

“Hearing from the head guy that he’s coming after you hard, that he wants you, and you’re a running back that fits that offense can only put a smile on your face,” Washington said.

In August, Washington will announce a top 15 schools list.

“North Carolina’s chances of making the cut are very good – it really is,” Washington said. “It’s really the coaches there. Coach Brewer does a great job recruiting me. He spends quality time with me. He answers the phone when I call – some coaches it’s hard to get in contact with them. I love Coach Fedora. It’s really the people at North Carolina that puts them under consideration.”

After leaving UNC’s campus that day, Washington stayed the night in the area and visited NC State the following day. In the month prior to camping at UNC, he traveled to Clemson and Tennessee. He’s unsure of any future visit plans.

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