Alex Malzone Turning Mike Weber Blue?

2015 Brother Rice (Mich.) four-star quarterback and Michigan commitment Alex Malzone is a busy man on and off the field at The Opening. In addition to slinging the football, Malzone is looking for others to join him in Ann Arbor. Are his overtures having an affect?

It’s a busy week for 2015 Brother Rice (Mich.) four-star quarterback and Michigan commitment Alex Malzone.

Out competing at The Opening in Oregon, Malzone’s week first began with some very intense workouts as part of the 2014 Elite 11.

“The first day, we had a military workout,” Malzone said. “I felt like I worked really hard and did well that day and the coaches definitely recognized me for that too. 

“The next day, we had a long day, two QB sessions.  I feel like I did well there.  The coaches worked with me a little bit on my mechanics, wanted me to change a few things and I’m definitely working on that. 

“Yesterday, all we had on the field was a red zone session, seven on seven, each quarterback had six throws, missed a couple of guys.  I felt like I could have done better myself.  I made up for it in the end.  I threw one touchdown at the end and today I came out and did what I could do.”

Ultimately not selected in the top group of the Elite 11 following the rigorous workouts, Malzone just sees it as extra motivation, noting he most definitely gave it his all.

“It doesn’t affect me,” he said. “It just shows me what coaches are giving me for feedback.  We’ve been talking a lot about what it means to be in those initial Elite 11. 

“I’m just out here working and doing what I can do.  Hopefully, they see that.”

Now full go into the drills, 1 on 1’s and 7 on 7’s at the Nike headquarters as part of The Opening, Malzone is hoping to lead his squad to a championship in the unbearable heat.

“Today, I feel like I did well.  We had a warm up session, routes on air and then we had one on ones.  I did well. 

“I found a couple of my receivers from my Alpha Pro Team.  They did well.  The coaches thought I did well too.  I’m excited to see what they say tonight and see the rankings tomorrow.”

Off the field and during the down time in Oregon, Malzone is representing Michigan hoping to add some teammates to the 2015 commitment list for the Wolverines.

Though several targets are out there, Malzone remains focused on a select few that he keeps working on daily, including one student-athlete over others.

“I was hanging with a few guys last night at the hotel,” he said. “Can’t be with all of them, you’ve got to pick and choose, show them some attention, feel them out a little bit.  It’s been a fun time.”

“I’d probably say Mikey (Weber),” Malzone added. “I talk to Mikey a lot.  I’ve known him from Cass Tech, Michigan native. 

“I was with Mook Reynolds last night in his room.  I was sitting on the bus today with Keisean Lucier-South.  I’ve talked to a lot of guys, not just nagging them about Michigan. 

“I threw at George Campbell today, sat with him on the bus too and he’s on my team.  I’m talking to a whole bunch of guys.”

Interrupting the video interview with Malzone below was Mike Weber himself, with a special message for Michigan fans.

Asked who he thinks Michigan has the best shot at, Malzone made it very clear.

“Mike Weber,” he said. “We’re getting him to go blue.”

Sam Webb and Kyle Bogenschutz contributed to this report.

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