Masina Breaks Down Five Finalists

Only five schools remain alive in the race for Salt Lake City (Utah) Brighton LB Osa Masina, and he says they all have an equal shot.

Osa Masina’s recruitment has finally came into focus last week.  While at The Opening the newly crowned five-star linebacker narrowed his impressive list to a quintet of favorites that will Duke it out for him the rest of the way.

Still left standing are USC, UCLA, Arizona State, Wisconsin, and Michigan.  While he insists all of them have equal standing, many observers believe the two California schools currently have the edge.

“I’ve been there twice now, both campuses,” said Masina.  “Loved both my visits. I got to watch both of them practice in the spring and loved them… love the coaches. Me and my family really like it down there.”

The Trojans and Bruins have major proximal advantages over Wisconsin and Michigan, but not over Arizona State.  The Sun Devils are recent and rapid risers up his list.

“I didn’t know very much about them, but I took an unofficial there and really loved it.  I liked the environment,” Masina said.  “I loved the coaches.  I love the football there.  I love the way they do things there, the schedule.  I liked Coach Graham a lot and Chip Long, who will be my position coach.  I liked him a lot.”

Similar connections with coaches at Wisconsin and Michigan caused Masina to overlook their distance from home.  Visits to both schools last summer made lasting impressions.

“I just felt like (the Wisconsin coaches) were really real with me,” he said.  “I like the way they do things.  I like their defense.  I liked Anderson a lot and I liked a bunch of other Utah guys who were up there that were from Utah State and now are coaching up (at Wisconsin).  When I took my unofficial there with my family, I enjoyed it.  We came away happy.”

“(I like Michigan) for a lot of the same reasons.  Good coaches that treated me and my family well.  I love the defense.  I love my recruiter guy, my position coach Mattison.  He’ll be my position coach when I’m there.  I like him a lot.  I like Hoke.  The Big House… I like that of course.”

But the most impactful aspect of the visit was his interaction with Mattison.  In the year since Masina visited Ann Arbor the two have formed a strong bond.

“He’s kind of an older guy, so I think he gets it,” said Masina.  “He doesn’t try to bug you.  He doesn’t try to do anything to hassle you… ‘come to Michigan,’ all that stuff.  He really just gave me some space and gave me time to think about it.  At the same time, he’s still a recruiter.  He is a really cool dude.  The linebackers at Michigan, they are real.”

Ultimately Masina will choose the program where his connections are the strongest, whether near or far.  No matter what he knows he’ll have his mother’s support… even if it is from thousands of miles away.

“She probably wouldn’t be able to make all the games, but I can still call momma every night and let her know what’s going on,” he said laughingly.  “She’s definitely my biggest supporter and biggest fan out here.  Without her none of this would be possible.  She is kind of an agent on steroids.  Agent mom! (Laughter).”

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