Michigan ‘Felt Like Home’ to David Reese

2016 Farmington (Mich.) linebacker David Reese discusses his time at Michigan’s barbecue Sunday, what the Wolverines are saying about a scholarship, what an offer would mean, and more.

One of the most instinct laden and intriguing defenders in the state in the class of 2016 is Farmington (Mich.) linebacker David Reese.
Making his way to Ann Arbor Sunday for Michigan’s annual barbecue, Reese was very open with his feelings toward the Wolverines.
“I went up there with my dad and it was a great time,” Reese said. “It felt like home as soon as I walked in there. 
“I got to see Coach Mattison, Coach Hoke and gave them hugs and it just feels like family up there. Everything is cool, everyone is close and I really enjoyed myself.”
Trying something a little different this year the Michigan coaching staff came up with a scavenger hunt of sorts, getting all of the recruits and their families moving around campus to several different buildings and hot spots.
For Reese, that part of the visit stood out even though he believes his team was robbed of a first place finish.
“The amazing race,” Reese said. “It was fun. Coach Manning’s team, we should’ve won but we were cheated cause I guess we missed a clue and a lady gave us the clue to the next one so we ended up skipping one but we were running around campus, got to view everything so it was a good chance to see the campus and take a tour kind of.”
On Michigan’s campus several times before, Reese once again reverted back to the family type of feeling he received throughout his time in Ann Arbor, standing out more than any other part of the visit.
“How close everybody was,” Reese said. “Even with people I didn’t know they were so friendly and welcomed me with open arms. 
“I knew almost everybody there and they told me about how well I did in my camp performance when I was up there. It was just very nice; it was just like I knew these people my whole life and it was a great experience.”
Not yet holding a scholarship offer from Michigan, Reese says that could all change depending on what the early returns are in his junior season at Farmington.
“They said they just want to see my first couple weeks of film,” Reese said. “So, I feel like I’m close to being there.”
“(It would be) a huge offer, that one,” Reese added. “Oh yes.”
Close to getting two a days underway for high school season, Reese is shutting down recruiting visits for now but does plan to be back at Michigan for a game this fall.

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