Wilson’s leadership a Key For the Wolverines

Michigan's veteran safety Jarrod Wilson talks about his leadership, and the Wolverines' progress in the defensive backfield this year.

Michigan’s junior safety Jarrod Wilson is a guy that has always led by example, but this year he is making it a point to be a bit more vocal in helping his teammates.

“I just take the responsibility of the whole entire secondary by getting everyone lined up and making sure they are doing what they need to do," Wilson said. "It feels good that the guys are depending on me. Some guys need that guy to look up to, especially on the field, to make those calls. Everyone can’t do it so I take the responsibility to."

It's a necessary step outside of a personal comfort box for the former Akron Bucthel star. He is playing the role that Jordan Kovacs played during his career in Ann Arbor. With inexperienced guys playing next to him he knows that type of leadership is necessary for the team to succeed this season on the football field. That's why he has worked so hard to lead the same way off the field as well.

“I really try and help the guys in the weight room as well as film study -- the general techniques and fundamentals that we have in our defensive scheme," he said. "Just understanding the little things, because that is what is important. And if they ever need anything I am just there for a helping hand."

Wilson seems pleased overall with this year’s defensive backfield. What has him very excited is how much tighter they are as a unit.

“I feel really good about things this year with our chemistry back there, particularly this last week of practice. The guys are all on the same page. We have been playing together for a while and the fact is that we just understand each other. Our chemistry is very important -- so that when we are out on the field and it gets a little crazy, they can understand me and I can understand them."

In speaking with the rest of defensive backs the word that is most used to describe their style of play was aggressive. Wilson echoed that sentiment.

“Oh we are going to be real aggressive," he said. "That is the way we will play -- the corners will be pressing and the safeties will be out there making plays. We want to get after it hard and tough, mainly the way traditional Michigan teams have gotten after it. Ground and pound on the offensive side of the ball. And on defense, stop the run and the pass will take care of itself with us on the back end."

Jarrod Wilson has been around a few years and knows what he wants out on the football field. So what is he looking forward to for this season?

“Our togetherness, with everyone all on the same page -- just buying in to what we have set forth for this upcoming season."

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