Braden Working Towards Big Season

Michigan redshirt sophomore right tackle Ben Braden talks offensive line development and more.

Michigan redshirt freshman right tackle Ben Braden

What’s your approach coming in knowing you have a chance to be the starting right tackle?

Braden: “I’m just coming in asking coach ‘what’s the biggest thing I need to work on?’ I’m just kind of pushing myself and my teammates everyday to get ourselves the best we can before the season.”

How has the offensive line prepared as group this off-season?

Braden: “I think that’s one of the biggest things this year as a offensive line, we all stepped up together. And we are all a lot closer. And we are really pushing each other a lot more as much as we can. I think the off-season has been very competitive. I think that’s one of the biggest things that has prepared all of this season.” How has the group of leadership this season benefitted you guys?

Braden: “It’s made us pretty close. We’re more accountable with each other, you know, pushing each other. Like during workouts and practice and stuff. I think that’s something that’s been more beneficial . … We’re just pushing each other more together. It’s not just one guy doing something – it’s everybody. We fell better.”

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