Wormley Learning to “Flip the Switch”

Every time Chris Wormley steps onto the football field he is automatically one of the biggest players between the white lines. Now his coaches are trying to get him to be one of the meanest.

There’s something different about Chris Wormley these days, and it’s very easy to see.

“Actually I hit the 300 (pound) mark,” said Wormley.  “Wednesday was the first time I hit 300 pounds.  I don’t know how I feel about it right now, but I’ll take it as a good thing right now.”

”I feel like I can still move pretty well.  I think my forty time was what I thought it would be over the summer.  Just keep working on speed, movement and even if I can put on a few (more) pounds that will work too.”

That increase in size should help the former Toledo Whitmer star live up to expectations for him to be a bigger presence on Michigan’s defensive line this year. He believes the front as a whole will play at much higher level thanks to the change approach Greg Mattison instituted during the offseason.

“Aa lot more movements, a lot more different attacking points on the offensive lineman and just getting after it and flying around having fun,” Wormley said describing the changes.

“I think I just have to play more violent and it is more of an attacking defense.  I think it just changed the whole mindset of your playing style, being inside now changes a little bit.  Just learning a new position, even though it is similar to defensive end, just being more attacking and more forceful in the middle.”

“Violent” is a buzzword of sorts with the now redshirt sophomore.  Getter bigger was but one element of the development his coaches charged him with achieving… and a relatively minor one at that.  The more significant change entailed him “flipping the switch.”

“It’s coming… it’s coming for sure,” said Wormley.  “That’s one of the things that Coach Hoke, Coach Mattison, Coach Smith my D-line coach, is always, probably every day talks to me about flipping the switch, turning it on.  When you’re off the field be the nice guy that you are, but on the field turn it up a little bit and be mean and be nasty.”

That nasty mentality is one the defense plans to exude collectively.  To Wormley that’s one of the keys to an improved performance in 2014. It’s a unit that is now doing a much better job of pulling in the same direction.

“A lot of people were talking about leaders weren’t what they were (supposed to be), but this year we’ve all come together,” Wormley stated There leaders from the freshman group all the way up to seniors.  They are all just putting in the work and putting in the time to learn a little bit more about each other and be closer as a family.”

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