Stribling Sees More Freedom in New Scheme

After getting his feet wet as a freshman, cornerback Channing Stribling is ready to contribute more as a sophomore.

Channing Stribling had the opportunity to play early last season as a freshman and this year he certainly figures into the mix at cornerback. With a new defense and new coverages to learn, he is excited about what those schemes mean for him and the secondary.

“I like the new scheme a lot it is a cover 3 you can play freely deep third you can play a lot of man and everyone likes to play man. It is a lot better than how we were playing last year this year we can get into their face more”.

As a unit, he believes they are adjusting well to the changes.

“We are having a good camp and getting acclimated into the system and what we need to be doing last year we were a cover 4 team. Now we are getting a lot of cover man with cover 3 so we are just getting more into the playbook as we move forward’.

Knowing the scheme is one thing but bring a certain toughness is what part of this camp and tutelage they are receiving is all about for these defensive backs.

“We are going to get more physical with the cover three that we are playing. We will also play deep but still be physical and just try and disguise things more out on the field. Playing more aggressive is what we want to do last year we played off of our man more but this year it is going to be different. We want to throw the time off of the quarterback more and not give him as much time as he would like”.

The players have liked what new cornerbacks coach Roy Manning has brought to the table in the defensive backfield and have certainly have noticed his presence.

“He has really added a lot of confidence to what we are doing now Coach Manning brings more energy to us. The corners are like the captains on the defense we can make or break the game so he has brought a focus to us. Coach just talks about being more physical and we need to just show other teams who don’t respect us just how physical we are”.

As last season ended and Stribling had a taste of the field as a freshman, he knew there were areas of his game he had to get better at and he feels he has improved.

“My technique has improved last year I was just out there playing football and now this year it is all about technique as well as skill. When you are tired out on the field it is your technique that will get you through so I have really focused on that. Everyone has skill but it is about that technique out on the field it comes down to who has the better technique”.

What has been mentioned quite often is the competition and how it has helped everyone not only focus but also get better as well. Channing notices the talent level and how you have to bring to practice every day.

“There is a lot of competition here during camp talent at wide receiver, running back and corners. It is a lot of talent out on this field. Sometimes we forget that we are teammates because we are all competing so hard out here but we have to remember we are teammates while we are getting after each other”.

Stribling seems very happy not only about the way the Wolverines will be playing this year but also the freedom to play in your face defense.

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