Farrell Eyeing Fall Visits Including U-M, MSU

2016 Perry (Ohio) four-star tight end Luke Farrell is off to a hot start on the field this fall. Farrell discusses his early season returns, a new offer, another school inquiring, and his thoughts on Michigan/Ohio State.

Now standing 6-foot-6 and 240-pounds, 2016 Perry (Ohio) high school tight end Luke Farrell is quite a mismatch for opposing defenses.

The newly anointed No. 1 option for Perry’s offense, Farrell is showcasing his versatility early in his junior season, very productive in a recent win over Geneva with a Scout.com camera rolling.

On the opening drive of the game, Farrell started things off with an end around for a quick gain of five yards, following that up by catching three balls on that same drive that ended with a 30-yard touchdown reception, dragging defenders into the end zone.

“That was probably the biggest example of that,” Farrell said. “I was able to get in the open field and run and they really weren’t doubling me too much.

“The team we played last night, they were doubling and tripling me so they had to look to other options.”

Clearly focused on enhancing his skills as a pass catcher offensively, Farrell isn’t trying to be a one-dimensional player at the position.

Given his size and position, Farrell isn’t afraid of becoming more of a road grader at times too.

“Not really trying to model after anybody but one of my goals this year was to catch it a lot more but I also wanted to work on my blocking skills,” Farrell said.

“We’ve definitely been working on that, definitely been running behind me more. When I’m not getting the ball I can just be a big body out there and block.”

In an interview prior to the start of fall camp, Farrell indicated Ohio State still held a slight lead over Michigan for his services.

Ask if that’s still the case Farrell answered and also threw another school into that mix that recently came calling with an offer.

“Yeah and just a couple days ago I got offered by Michigan State,” Farrell said. “Their coach came and saw me.”

On Michigan State, Farrell adding, “Obviously they’ve caught my attention with that and I’m interested in them. I want to look more into it because I don’t know too much about them.”

Farrell admits he does want to find out more about the Spartans, also looking to make a return trip to Michigan as well but only one visit is officially setup at this point.

“Right now I have one setup, I’m going to the Cincinnati/Ohio State game to visit Ohio State,” Farrell said. “Nothing else besides that but if I can make it to a Michigan State game, a Michigan game, I’d love to if I could.”

Michigan’s sophomore tight end Jake Butt made his return to the field a couple Saturday’s ago against Notre Dame, just over six months after tearing his ACL.

While Farrell says he has never met Butt, who also wears No. 88, he does see himself as more of a receiving threat as of now.

“I know that they use him more as a true tight end, down the line, blocking more,” Farrell said. “And I know they don’t pass as much as other teams.”

One other new team looking to get involved with Farrell of late: the Oregon Ducks.

Moving forward, Farrell is looking to improve his approach and reaction to the added attention defensive coordinators are throwing his way.

“I definitely need to work on getting off double teams,” he said. “When they try to overwhelm me with multiple guys, I need to get free from that, get off the press coverage and everything.”

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