Dozier Builds ‘Connection’ With Michigan

2015 Columbia (S.C.) Spring Valley four-star combo guard P.J. Dozier recently received a visit from Michigan coach John Beilein. Dozier’s father discusses that experience, previews upcoming visits, decision timeline, and more.

2015 Columbia (S.C.) Spring Valley four-star combo guard P.J. Dozier is in the midst of a busy month.

Already several in-home visits have taken place for the Dozier family with official visits up next on the docket.

Wednesday, Michigan coach John Beilein made his way to town making a favorable impression on the family.

“All of the visits have been good,” Dozier said. “It’s just a matter of trying to figure out what’s going to be the best fit but what Michigan offers, you can’t say enough about Coach Beilein and it was great.”

“The good thing was, we’re glad that the assistant coaches came first but this time Coach Beilein had a chance to come in so to meet him in person was a big part,” added Dozier. “We’d spoken to him on the phone a lot but for him to come in was a big presence.”

A week ago, it was Michigan assistant LaVall jordan’s turn to meet and greet the Dozier’s after dropping by an open gym.

“He’s a super guy, no question,” Dozier said of Jordan. “That’s what made it even better is the fact that he coaches the guards. It was a great connection right away. I just think Michigan has an awesome staff.

“When Coach Vall came in and he was talking about P.J., and how he just generally fit. It was just a great situation to be able to meet the guy that would be working directly with P.J. if he chooses that school.”

Producing NBA talent, particularly in the backcourt with multiple first round NBA draft picks each of the last two years, Michigan’s success in skill development continues to standout to the Dozier’s.

“The record speaks for itself,” Dozier said. “When you look at what those guys have done, what they’ve done with those guys and their track record is perfect and that’s a position that P.J. would like to be in.

“So that was really big and it makes a big difference too because one of the reasons we look at these schools is to find out which ones will maximize P.J. from positional development and someone that will develop him for the next level as well.”

Keeping a close eye on his son throughout the in-home visits and upcoming official visit slate, Dozier says as well as he knows his son it’s difficult to really find out if one school currently leads all others.

Either way, the 6-foot-6, 190-pound talent is enjoying this once in a lifetime recruiting process.

“The funny thing is I cannot get a read on him to save my life,” Dozier said. “I tell you, he’s just a humble kid, he’s listening, he’s paying attention and he seems to really like Coach Beilein and he just, I don’t know, he’s never going to be the type of kid to jump up and down and get excited.

“But you can tell when he just likes something and he truly enjoyed the connection and what Coach Beilein had to say. It doesn’t make him say oh man this is it, I think he’s more looking forward to the visits than anything and I think that’s going to make the determination.”

North Carolina, Georgetown, South Carolina and Maryland have all joined Michigan on the in-home visit slate, with Louisville and coach Rick Pitino set to visit next week.

With four official visits scheduled to Michigan (Sept. 26), North Carolina (Oct. 3), Georgetown (Oct. 17), and South Carolina (Oct. 24), the Dozier’s are thinking about a fifth and final visit to add to that plan.

Regardless, the focus for both the parents and their student-athlete is simple but just a tad varied heading into each of those trips.

“That’s what P.J. is looking for; the feeling,” Dozier said. “And we are looking for everything else.

“But he’s looking for that gut feeling and seeing how he gets a chance to interact with some of the players, you know that’s real big if we can get a chance to see the type of lifestyle he’d be living at and stuff.”

Once the visits are over, Dozier’s father says they’ll look to come to a decision in the weeks to follow, in time to sign during the early signing period in November.

“After the visits, I’d like for him to,” Dozier said. “Once the visits are out of the way there’s really not much more you need to figure out as far as where you want to go.

“So, I’m hoping once we finish the last visit that we can get together within a week or two and he can determine which way he wants to go.”

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