Michigan Players Call For Fan Support

U-M players Jack Miller, Frank Clark and Dennis Norfleet asked for support through their disappointing start this season.

ANN ARBOR, Mich. – Michigan players ask for fan support, despite their struggling start.

And while they’re well aware of the “frustration” of their play this season, multiple players spoke out on Monday to ask fans to keep giving their team support, even with some fans calling for the boycott of future U-M home games.

“I would say I understand their frustration and I share it,” redshirt junior Jack Miller said. “We have just as high of expectations of ourselves as any fan or any critic does.”

Michigan (2-4, 0-2 Big Ten) plays host to Penn State (4-1, 1-0) this Saturday for Under the Lights III at 7 p.m.

And Miller message to fans who are considering boycotting this Saturday’s game.

“I think to boycott a game a game or something like that, I don’t necessarily agree with,” Miller said. “Because at the end of the day, whether people want to hear it or not -- things are more important than wins or losses. This experience and what that atmosphere could be like on a Saturday night is something special -- for everyone involved.”

Currently, Michigan has lost three start games, and fans are calling for the jobs of Brady Hoke and Dave Brandon, and the 100,000 consecutive fans attendance streak is in serious jeopardy.

“Right now, the team is at a reality check,” junior Dennis Norfleet said. “Either we are going to go out there and play, or we’re going to worry about what people think and we’re going to lose. Or we’re going to go out there with a chip on our shoulder not caring what people say -- and win.”

However, Norfleet was adamant that this Michigan team need its fan to support them through the remainder of the season.

“But as far as our fans standpoint, we’ll always need our fans, that’s what makes college football – football,” Norfleet said. “That’s what makes us come out and make us have energy. I have energy, because of the fans. Right now, we need them behind us. Just as much as we need our team behind us, too.”

While disappointed in U-M’s start this season, senior Frank Clark says he knows there will always be critics in life, no matter what.

. “No one likes losing,” Clark said. “Whether in life or in our case out on the field. But then again, we love fan support. The critics, there is going to be critics no matter what you do. No matter what sport you’re in, no matter what you’re doing – there is always going to be critics.”

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