Football Minute: U-M Offense Makes Progress

No, Michigan's offense didn't win the Wolverines the game Saturday night at Rutgers but improvement was made heading into a giant home night game against Penn State.

No, Michigan senior quarterback Devin Gardner didn’t throw for over 200-yards passing in Saturday’s 26-24 loss at Rutgers.

Yes, Gardner threw another interception causing the Wolverines to once again lose the turnover battle.

But with all of that being said, Michigan’s offensive attack was good enough, for the first time in weeks, to win that ball game had it not been for a defense that surrendered 404-yards passing and three touchdowns to Rutgers quarterback Gary Nova.

“There was some good progress made,” Hoke said Monday. “And we want to emphasize that.”

Offensively, progress came in the form of 10 explosive plays as Gardner challenged the Rutgers’ defense vertically while Michigan sophomore running back Derrick Green broke free for a 27-yard gain.

Michigan’s offense produced four drives that resulted in points. Ultimately though, it was not enough as the Wolverines last hopes were whisked away following an incomplete pass to Amara Darboh and the ensuing 56-yard field goal attempt that was blocked.

Below, Sam Webb and Kyle Bogenschutz give their thoughts on the Michigan offense Saturday, the areas with the most improvement and of course lament on the catch that wasn’t for Amara Darboh late in the fourth quarter.

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