Rays of Light: Robots on Defense (Part 2)

Former Michigan standout and Big Ten Network analyst Marcus Ray looks back at Michigan's loss to Rutgers continues with his analysis of the breakdowns in the Wolverines’ secondary versus Rutgers. Ray shed light on some of the adjustments that should have been made and also discusses the performance turned in by Devin Gardner.

Marcus Ray was an All-American safety during his days at Michigan, but he’ll be the first to tell you that that was the product of All-American athleticism.  He was an All-American thinker that was tremendous at making adjustments on the fly for himself and for his teammates.  That level of thought is something he sees missing in the current secondary.

“When you see an offensive team get into a formation, shift, and go into motion, they’re trying to get you out of whack,” said Ray.  “(They’re saying) ’can (Michigan) make adjustments? Can we outnumber them on the flank, on the perimeter?’… which Rutgers did to Michigan.  When their receivers started going into motion, everybody should have just shifted to the right a half gap, and then now you’ve got somebody out there to tackle the jet sweep.  But if you stand there and don’t move when they motion, they’ve got one more than you.  Then they’re going to get a hat on a hat and that’s where you see the big plays.”

“This is a thinking man’s game.  When everybody says you pay this game from the neck up, you really do.  The physical part is the easy part… the running and the hitting and the tough man, but thinking is a totally different game within the game.”

To listen to the podcast in its entirety, press play below.

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