Michigan Coaches Voice Support for Brandon

In a letter provided to the Detroit News, every Michigan coach voiced his or her support for embattled athletic director Dave Brandon to university president Mark Schlissel.

There has been no shortage of detractors for Michigan athletic director Dave Brandon in recent weeks. With members of the student body, board of regents, various donors and former players lining up in opposition, any show of approval from any supporter would be a welcomed sight.  Brandon finally had such a vision Thursday when his coaches banded together to show their allegiance in a letter to University President Mark Schlissel.

To see the actual letter provided to the Detroit News, click here.

The full text of the letter is below.



Dear President Schlissel:

With all the negative voices displaying their displeasure with University of Michigan Director of Athletics Dave Brandon, every head coach of a varsity athletic team at U-M would like to counter those voices with a letter of unanimous support.

Immediately after Dave Brandon was named Director of Athletics in 2010, he raised the bar of success for all sports, their staffs and most important, the Michigan student-athletes. The continued improvement of the athletic facilities, increased support staff, higher quality travel conditions and a greater emphasis on academic support of all of our 900 plus student-athletes are just some of the advancements we have been a part since 2010. New initiatives and more individual mentoring are now in place to ensure our student-athletes are academically prepared. Programs to create opportunities for career planning, future employment and post-graduate advancement are now an integral aspect of the student-athlete experience at U-M.

One of our guiding principles of this Michigan Athletic Department culture is to create positive academic and athletic experiences for our student-athletes and prepare them to be successful in life. Now, our student-athletes for the revenue and Olympic sports feel more prepared, valued, and appreciated.

The University of Michigan prides itself on developing future leaders, and this Michigan Athletic Department with the leadership of Dave Brandon is developing men and women to be the "Leaders and Best."

Thank you,

Red Berenson - Head Ice Hockey Coach

Carol Hutchins - Head Softball Coach

Mike Bottom, Mike Hilde - Head Men's & Women's Swimming & Diving Coach

Bev Plocki - Head Women's Gymnastics Coach

Kurt Golder - Head Men's Gymnastics Coach

Erik Bakich - Head Baseball Coach

Greg Ryan - Head Women's Soccer Coach

Chaka Daley - Head Men's Soccer Coach

Mark Rosen - Head Volleyball Coach

Dr. Marcelo Leonardi - Head Water Polo Coach

Adam Steinberg - Head Men's Tennis Coach

Ronni Bernstein - Head Women's Tennis Coach

Brady Hoke - Head Football Coach

Marcia Pankratz - Head Field Hockey Coach

Jerry Clayton - Head Men's Track & Field Coach

Kevin Sullivan - Head Men's Cross Country Coach

Mike McGuire - Head Women's Cross Country Coach

Joe McFarland - Head Wrestling Coach

John Beilein - Head Men's Basketball Coach

Kim Barnes Arico - Head Women's Basketball Coach

Jennifer Ulehla - Head Women's Lacrosse Coach

John Paul - mHead Men's Lacrosse Coach

Chris Whitten -mHead Men's Golf Coach

Jan Dowling - Head Women's Golf Coach

Mark Rothstein - Head Rowing Coach

James Henry - Head Women's Track & Field Coach

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