New Student Ticket Plan Announced

The Michigan athletic department released details of its student season ticket package for the 2015 season. Organized protests in recent weeks have resulted in a 37.5% cut to the student rate.

Last week beleaguered Michigan athletic director David Brandon promised to reduce student ticket prices as part of concession plan aimed at mending his department's fractured relationship with some of its most important constituents. Today he leant substance to those words, announcing a slashing of student ticket prices from $280 to $175.

The plan comes on the heels of negotiations between Michigan Athletics the Central Student Government (CSG), CSG president Bobby Dishell, and the 22-member Football Student Advisory Council. Dishell presented an incisive report to the university's board of regents two weeks ago detailing numerous student body numerous grievances with athletic department, including exorbitant ticket prices.

"This new pricing is the result of positive dialogue between our students and the athletic department," Brandon said. "We changed the seating policy from general admission based on our collaboration with CSG. This price adjustment is another example of our commitment to continue building a stronger connection with our students and the university community."

"This demonstrates a commitment from our athletic department that they are not only listening but acting on student feedback," said Dishell. "We will be the first school that is showing that the college football tradition is accessible for all students. It also shows that our athletic department is not only here for student-athletes but the entire student community."

Full details of the plan are listed below. There will be no change in non-student ticket prices for the third consecutive season

Changes of the 2015 Student Season Ticket Package

• $175 season ticket price for seven games ($25 per game), reduced nearly 40 percent from $280 in 2014
• For the first time, season ticket price includes custom season T-shirt ($15 value)
• New $10 processing fee, reduced from $15 in 2014
• Qualifications for reduced pricing for students with financial need will be determined in conjunction with the Office of Financial Aid

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