Washington Hears Rumors, Still Talking to U-M

2016 Huntersville (N.C.) Southlake Christian four-star running back Robert Washington is having a big junior year and the national recruit continues to stay in contact with Michigan amidst criticism and rumors.

Robert Washington has collected 35 scholarship offers so far during his recruiting process.

The 2016 Huntersville (N.C.) Southlake Christian four-star running back is also still in the midst of a strong junior season.

“We’re doing pretty good.  We’re 2-0 in conference and 7-1 (overall),” Washington said.  “I think I’ve got about 1500 yards rushing and 19 touchdowns.” 

Michigan is a school that has been recruiting Washington for some time now and recently made their way to his school to check-in with his coach.

Despite a 3-5 start to the 2014 season and rumors flying around about the uncertain future of the coaching staff, Washington still stays in constant contact with the Wolverines.

“I’ve been talking to Michigan for years now, probably two years now,” Washington said. “They offered me, I’ve been talking to Coach Manning, Coach Jackson. I have a good relationship with those guys. I’ve been up there four times and I have a good relationship with those guys up there.” 

“I heard some rumors,” Washington added. “I couldn’t really talk t Coach Roy about them.  I’m pretty sure he heard them too as well, I don’t really want to bother them because he is dealing with a lot.

“The coaching staff is dealing with a lot, with the rumors and the way the season has worked out.  We just talked about me and our relationship recruiting me, really.  I heard a couple of things.”

Still evaluating several schools hot on his trail, Washington says the outside whispers aren’t interfering with his interest in Michigan.

“No, it doesn’t affect me at all,” Washington said. “Rumors are rumors.  The rumors are going to start.  People are going to hear this, people are going to hear that and they are going to change it as the course is going down, is trickling down to different people. 

“I don’t think unless I hear it from the coaching staff or this might actually happen, then I don’t take it to heart.” 

For Washington, the decision he’ll eventually make toward his future isn’t one that only involves scoring touchdowns.

With that being said, the allure of Michigan comes on and off the field with several conversations focused on the total package as opposed to what’s happening on the field at the big house.

“I’ve been talking to Coach Manning a lot, sometimes we don’t even talk about football,” Washington said. “We might spend 30 minutes on the phone at a time.  It is just really building a relationship. 

“Him getting to know me as a person more than just a prospect, I’m getting to know him more as a person more than a coach.  You know the better the relationship is, the stronger it is, the better the decision is going to be, the easier it is going to be for me.” 

Washington has visited USC and Wake Forest, among others, and says he does plan to return to Ann Arbor for a visit to Michigan.

“I see them as a school that can be a choice for me because they do have a great tradition,” Washington said.  “I felt at home up there.  I have a good relationship with the coaching staff. 

“It is me going through the process right now before I actually make a commitment to a school.  I feel really strong about Michigan.  I have a great relationship with them.  I’ve been up there many times, but I do have a good feel for the campus and the people up there so I like it a lot. 

“I went to the game when they played Akron, so I got a feel of the game day environment.  It’s a great environment.  It’s just really me right now going through the process of getting the list and doing my commitment there.”  

Washington says he plans to release a top list over the next few months with a decision timeline possible in early spring of 2015.

Sam Webb contributed to this report.

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