Ignorant Comments Light 'Fire' Under Butt

Ignoring comments on social media or rumors of a coaching change at the end of the season is a tricky task in today's 24/7 society just a click away. For Michigan sophomore Jake Butt, he's learned to embrace it from a surprising source.

ANN ARBOR, Mich. -- It’s not easy, and in a lot of respects, especially right now, it’s very difficult.

Michigan players see and hear it every single day. Rumors circulating about the future of their head coach Brady Hoke, vulgar comments toward them and about the program they once so proudly agreed to become a part of.

Twitter, facebook, instagram -- there’s no escaping it in modern society with each app available at the tap of a finger.

“There’s sometimes when people will tweet you just some ignorant things,” Michigan sophomore tight end Jake Butt said. “It just sticks with you in the back of your mind, you don’t forget it.”

For others like sophomore defensive tackle Chris Wormley, a player that has come on of late in the middle of the Michigan defense, he hears it all.

In the same breath, Wormley feels he and his teammates are the ones that fully understand the circumstances, sticking together in hopes of having more success over the final four games of the year.

“The media likes to talk, students like to talk; a lot of people like to talk,” Wormley said. “They have their own opinion and I guess they’re entitled to it but we know what we are and we know what kind of team we are and can be and if we play the way that we can play it’s a different story.”

While Butt openly admits to avoiding some social media, especially during tough times, he is reminded of some of the ignorant comments by a source that might surprise people.

And according to Butt, it can serve as a full plate of motivation.

“I just try to honestly get off twitter for the most part and instagram,” Butt said. “I’ll talk to my dad about it sometimes and some of that stuff for me personally kind of fires me up when people are talking negative.

“I’ve always been motivated by people doubting you and people not believing you. So, for me personally, it kind of fires me up. I think most of the guys stay away from it though.”

Even if Butt purposely tries to ignore the naysayers, his father will continue to poke the bear.

“He just tells me that this is what people think about you Jake,” Butt said. “This is what people think about the team, this is what, keep the team focused.

“I’ve always been doubted my whole life whether you’re oh you’re not fast enough, you’re not big enough, you’re not strong enough and that’s pushed me and made me a better man and player from that.”

Sitting 3-5 with Indiana coming to town Saturday, Butt knows at the end of the day Michigan supporters, fans, alums, and former players alike, all want one thing, and he’s not shying away from it.

“We’ve got fans that expect us to win and that’s Michigan, that’s what you expect coming here and we expect to win too,” he said. “They’re pissed off, you know.”

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